this was one of the first hikes I ever accomplished and it still is as good as I remember. Made the stairway to heaven climb in 30 minutes and made the descent in 15!
Whole hike took less than 3 hours which was crazy.
A great beginner hike to a harder difficulty and elevation climb!

I will try on every season autumn should be beautiful or a real winter

Pretty easy but really nice walk/hike. I loved the variety from boardwalk to cows to mountain vista. Great day!!!

Great hike, would rate this more moderate/hard. Did it after a rain fall, which made for a tricky decent.

I absolutely love this trail. It's great for any level hiker and has great views all around. It's definitely a unique trail system which is why I like it so much. I highly recommend it to anyone! Just watch where you step on the boardwalk...animals do use it as well so they leave little presents around lol.

An absolute must to do! We started on rt 517 at the boardwalk portion and hiked to pinwheel vista. Before we got to rt 94 we actually got the opportunity to hike through the cows which was amazing! Then we stopped for a light lunch at Heaven Hill Farms. Once we got to the Stairway to Heaven portion the terrain had changed drastically. It is rough terrain to the top but absolutely worth every step! I would highly recommend planning as a day hike with plenty of water and snacks.

8 months ago