Loantaka Brook Reservation is a crown jewel of the Morris County, NJ Parks system. The Reservation has been pieced together over the last 60 years thanks to the County, private donors, and municipal contributions. From the north, it follows from Kitchell Pond southward to the edge of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, generally following the flow of Loantaka Brook and other feeder streams into the Great Swamp. A 2015 addition within this trail system is Giralda Farms Preserve, which has a separate entry in

mountain biking
18 days ago

Love this trail

mountain biking
20 days ago

mountain biking
23 days ago

What a beautiful day w friend; a lovely biking trail

Nice simple place for a hike. You can hike, bike, roller skate & horseback here. Main trails are paved, others are stone dust & others are dirt. Some dirt trails are muddy after a rain, but watch out for horse poop!

trail running
4 months ago

easter trail running.. beautiful scenery, great trails, nice amount of hills...and saw a snake.. couldn't be better

Great for a stroll through the woods, day in the park, riding your bike, or rollerblading.

cross country skiing
4 months ago

Great paved trail through beautiful landscapes. Perfect for going out with the kids or walking the dog.