Loved this trail! Perfect for my fearless 7 yr old!

mountain biking
3 months ago

4 months ago

This is a long out and back. Crosses several major streets you can park at to get on/off the trail. Has some very beautiful scenery and gives you a unique blend of cross country riding. Not too many major climbs or descents.

mountain biking
5 months ago

Amazing trail. Love these mountains/hills. Not too crowded and awesome mix of climbs and descents.

This is a nice, unspectacular trail. It is on the easy side of moderate, at least on foot. We saw many more mountain bikers than hikers. At most points it is wide enough that there is room enough for both hikers and bikers. There were a few spots at which I was glad to have the app and my phone because we couldn't find the trail markings. There is decent shade for almost the entire trail. Very quiet too with just an occasional plane flying overhead on a cloudless day.