I think it's the best trail in nj.

George P. Beautiful trail. Beautiful day. I've mountain biked this trail end to end several times. Today, February 22, 2017 was a magnificent day with 70 degree temps. I love this trail because it is relatively flat with some bumps. Today I only was able to ride from Kenlockood Gorge to Califon and back because I'm recovering from injuries but the gorge is as close to Montana as we get here in NJ. Watched a fly fisherman bring in a trout on a nymph. Life doesn't get any better than this unless I was reeling that fish in myself.

From High Bridge you can take the high road, the rail trail, go towards Califon and return through Lockwood Gorge along the town and the river. Two different experiences on the same ride.

perfect trail for walking, running, biking. nice shade. nice little run

Walked a couple miles out and back from High Bridge. Looks like a great, flat trail for mountain biking and it was a nice stroll for us. There were plenty of hikers and bikers even though it was pretty hot. As such, if you're looking for quiet and solitude, this might not be the ideal venue. But if you want an easy flat trail with a decent amount of shade, it works.

nice ride. stopped at bex in califon, good eats, a little pricey.

Very good easy ride for the families..lots of runners too. The view of the gorge is fantastic. Stop for Mexican at high bridge... Nice morning...

Relaxing with nice scenery and convenient stopping palaces. Cycled this trail dozens of times and I travel from Westfield to do so. It's THAT food.

This is definitely a walk, not a hike. I went toward Schooley's and did a makeshift hike just to get a little dirty, but this is more for someone wanting to ride their bike or go for a run. If you are looking to hike on a mountain this is not where you want to go.

It is so beautiful here. Great for a walk or a bike ride. One of my favorite places.

A very simple hike—more of a really long walk, really—but very pretty. I took the Columbia Trail to River Road and walked the Ken Lockwood Gorge at gorge-level. It was a hot day, but the shade and the spray from the creak kept things enjoyable.

This is a very popular trail, so if you're looking for a hike to "lose yourself in your thoughts," this isn't in that genre. Even so, it was a pretty and refreshing long walk.