I used to love these trails! A quick hike, hangout, or bike ride, this area of the 'neighborhood' is pretty cool, despite the power plant off in the horizon. The old staircase, has a story of an amusement park, and long before that an Indian reservation. The lake is divided by the dirt walkways. It's a popular fishing spot in the spring but the ponds do grow a lot of vegetation during the summer and fall.

There are some beautiful views of the marsh and you can see a good amount of wildlife. There are trails that suit different levels--a road around the marsh that you can walk or run, with some trails branching off for some more difficult hiking. The only downside is that some of the trails further into the marsh are not being maintained. There are many interesting remnants of Trenton's past scattered throughout, which makes exploring a unique adventure!

Great for dogs. Beautiful. Not too crowded

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3 years ago

wonderful place to take your dog for a long walk