Jenny Jump State Forest is located in Warren County along the stunning rolling terrain of Jenny Jump Mountain Range. Panoramic vistas of the Highlands and the Kittatinny Mountains and Valley to the west, and scenic views of the Great Meadows in the east dramatically greet the visitor who climbs the narrow path leading to the top of Jenny Jump Mountain. Rocky outcroppings and boulders line the trail - evidence that great glaciers once covered what is now known as Jenny Jump State Forest.

The area is beautiful, but when entering from the entrance off Shades of Death road the trail gets swallowed up in the forest. As soon as you get past the Fairy Cave the trail isn't maintained very well and it is easy to get confused as to where the trail continues.

Trail should be rated as moderate. Throughout most of the Hike you can hear Rte 80 roaring by, definitely takes away from the experience. The lake itself is gross and swampy looking, I didn't feel that it was worth the long decline to get there and then the climb back out. The woods are pretty and there were some neat rock formations. But the loud traffic sounds really took away from the whole experience. I would not do it again or recommend it to others, there are too many other great trails in the area.

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Beautiful view, can't wait to return and do it again. Wishing it was a little longer.

Summit Trail rocks! Love the view!

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