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Very enjoyable and relaxful. Most of it is moderate, with some difficult steep climbs. Almost entirely in forested shade. Took me about 2 hours to complete all the trails. Very few people during a weekday afternoon. The only downside is the amount of flying bugs I kept needing to swat away from my face but that's expected in a forest trail. Bring insect repellent! Overall , I would do it again!

Cool in the trees.

Huber Woods County Park Trails is listed as a 5.5 mile loop trail. But in fact, this county park contains many trails -- nested loops, straight trails, and opportunities to walk on paved and gravel roads that border working farms and residences. Depending on how many trails you take, the distance you walk can be much longer than 5.5 miles.

Much of the trail system is in forested areas; nice and shady but in summer, the air becomes still and is moist and humid. Mid- to late-fall is an ideal time to hike this park. The sun breaks through and provides warmth but not heat. Fallen leaves hide protruding roots or stones and tripping is common, so wear sturdy shoes.

There are many trail markers along the paths, but almost every single one is missing key information such as the arrow pointing in the needed direction. The forested area looks the same on many trails so it is VERY EASY to get lost. Bring a trail map or a hiking GPS for assistance.

The few small lakes on the property are picturesque as are the open meadows, red barns, white fences.

The park was well-maintained; very little litter on the trails.

The most difficult trail (rated as a black diamond) wasn’t really difficult compared to hiking trails in the national parks and really only rated a 2 of 5 for level of challenge.

Great trail. The Environmental Center is great for kids and the trails were fun to follow. Most picturesque was the view near the lake and the double row of trees in the middle of a field.

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Not as technical as Hearthshorne but a beautiful park with really nice trails. Be sure to respect the horses you will see on the trails.