.Did the white trail loop.. rocky on the upper part. Small inclines relatively flat... very nice!

Been going there for 20 years. Easy and close. As I was leaving I saw a couple They had to be 85-90 years old. WOW good for them.

Beautiful trails! Well kept, clean water and land. Definitely kid friendly

Nice streams. I'll definitely come back again and do a BBQ. They have a nice park with a grill and picnic tables

This is a go to hike. Not a ton of people on the trail but enough around to make you feel comfortable to hike it solo. green trail to white trail then back to green.

It's a very easy, relaxing trail.

nice hike... although we seemed to have missed Indian falls. we took the green trail to the white and then blue. nice easy hike.

It's small but like and you can BBQ so awesome

I have hiked these trails and led hikes for the county on National Trails Day. Though the above title may indicate otherwise, Hedden Park is part of the large and well-managed Morris County Park system. The trails are generally good for all levels of hiking experience/fitness, and are nice for dog walks. Crowds vary with weather and season.

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