Trail was short,but the view of the falls was breathtaking!

Great view especially from the bridge. The trials aren't that long; you can see the whole park in 2-3 hours. Stroller friendly and nearby restaurant make it a great afternoon walk.

Most enjoyable after heavy rains,or after moderate amounts of snow.

Beautiful view, but it's not really a hike ocean of games

Trashy park but beautiful waterfall

this isn't really a hike. it's a walk through an extremely dirty park. broken glass and trash everywhere. the fall is beautiful but don't make the trip unless you're in the area or live nearby because it's not worth a haul.

Beautiful view, but it's not really a hike

Very easy and accessible paths with stunning views of the Great Falls. The park is also located in Paterson's Historic District, there are museums and art houses nearby. A very cool day trip