July 16th. Trails are in poor shape. Many trees, branches and growth on or across Red, White and Blue trails. Three of us came out of woods covered with chiggers and at least 25 ticks of all sizes between the three of us. Wouldn't recommend these trails until some maintenance is performed. The vista view was enjoyable with a view of an osprey nest which contained a young bird, not yet a fledgling.

My walk was enjoyable. Very flat, but in the woods. Nice viewing platform for salt marsh. Well blazed but with 3 different colors I wasn't sure what constituted the 2.1 mile loop. Not a good summer trail, but Autumn worked well. If you are walking Sept.-Jan. it is prudent to where a color like bright orange (as hunters do), because there is bow hunting. Map of trails on their web site shows the trails well.

BUGS. So many spiderwebs and mosquitos in early August, we got eaten alive. However, besides that, it was a beautiful area with a big, well-marked parking lot. Great quick stop on the way back from the Jersey shore, even if you just walk out the lookout platform.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Short jaunt the pinelands. Flat as a pancake. Went on a day with bad weather and didnt see another person on the trails. Did, however end up with lots of "spiderface" - guess its good to have other people before you to break all the webs along the trails. Pretty much the same through-out - pine woods with a bog or two. Then there is a viewing platform built out int the wetlands to see crabs and birds. This was a diversion for me on the way to the shore. Not worth a long trip

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