Wholy bugs! Tried to take the songbird trail and had to bail at about 3 miles. I had swords of bugs all over me from the first step out of my car all the way. It was so miserable. I couldn't stop to take pictures because every time I would get bit. I wish I could say it was nice but didn't really see anything because of the swords of bugs around me I couldn't get them off. Horrible wish I could have enjoyed the wildlife.

5 months ago

I originally thought this trail was a part of the Brigantine unit hiking trails (i'm from PA so I didn't know) I found the trail very easily. There is a nice decent parking lot. When I got there, there was another car parked. No one in the car but it was just that car and mine. I was looking something up in my car when the other cars driver came out of the trail. After a few minutes the other hiker went back into the woods. I then packed my stuff and started walking. About a quarter of a mile in I saw the guy now coming back twords me to go out of the woods again. He was texting and looked up, said it was a nice day for a hike and went back to texting. This guy was limping and didn't seem like someone who would be walking this trail. I continued a little further and became "freaked out". It seemed eerie and something didn't seem right so I booked it back the half mile i was now into the trail. I swore I could have heard someone behind me but didn't see anyone. I was in sheer panic, got to my car and checked and saw that not many people had used this trail. Unfortunately I didn't finish this trail at all...too scared. Looked beautiful though.

Awesome... bring plenty of bug protection...great trail but if I wasn't prepared it might of been my last hike... lol

5 months ago

A very easy walk on a well-cleared trail with no incline. You can proceed as far down the trail as you like before heading back. Informational signage dots the trail.

I discovered this hidden gem while searching for Ingress missions in Ocean County. The missions on this trail are named after the green headed horseflies which come out in the heat of summer and have a nasty bite. It's primarily a refuge for migrating birds, so summer isn't the best time to come.

6 months ago

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Great place to see some wildlife! Ticks are an issue, but overall a great walk.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

I went in June and it was awful. I was swarmed by some type of biting fly and had to turn back after half of a mile.

Saturday, June 07, 2014