Double Trouble State Park offers an outstanding example of the Pine Barrens ecosystem and a window into the Pine Barrens history. The park provides the protection and interpretation of over 8000 acres of significant natural, cultural, and recreational resources representative of the Pinelands National Reserve. Its location and resource base afford an opportunity to introduce visitors to southern New Jersey's natural and cultural heritage. Both the natural environment, consisting of a high quality Pine Barrens watershed, and an extremely well preserved historic village associated with New Jersey cranberry agriculture and Atlantic White Cedar logging and milling industries are available to visitors at Double Trouble State Park.

I started from the parking lot trailhead like most folks do. As you cross the old cranberry bog, most will turn back, which is a shame because by continuing on is when the real fun starts.

Continue going straight along the backside of the big and you'll shortly come to a steel gate/barrier that you can simply walk around. I believe at this point you have left the park but are still on state land. This is a nicely forested trail that continues on for about a mile.

The terrain changes here and becomes treeless and sandy. More like the typical Pine Barrens. It also has a very desolate feel to it. There's some water here that is amazing in color. This section follows some power lines towards Lacey Rd which is a couple of miles away.

You'll eventually see a wide trail that cuts back into the forest. Follow this back towards the parking lot. On the way you'll see the Cedar Creek kayak/canoe launch point, and pass through the remains of an old village that is now part of the park.

hard surface trail to top off forked river mountain great out and back

Very easy walk around cranberry bogs and an historic little town. Great for kids. Interesting history. Enjoy!

Perfect starter hike for young explorers! Not too long, not too short. Plenty of things to see and learn.
Mostly flat, well maintained trails

Used to come here as a child when Shorty took care of it back in the 60s. Absolutely no one else around. Clean clear Cedar water and sandy roads. Though it is blocked off to vehicles it's a great hike. Will bring kayaks next time.

mountain biking
3 years ago

you're able to ride around on alot of easy trails but more for hiking and canoe. I liked the ease of biking if you're just looking for a laid back run with ease.