trail running
6 months ago

The Jewish community has trashed this place but not as bad as reviews seem. It's a great easy trail to walk or run. Groomed stone trails are great for running.
Shenandoah is in a completely different park. It is in Lakewood though.

9 months ago

I do admit that there is a lot of garbage around the trail. It might not be what it used to be but I will still always love walking around Lake Carasaljo. It's the only nice walk I have near my house and I've been living here my whole life.
I choose to give it five stars for the beautiful nature around it.

9 months ago

First time I've ever rated a trail with 1 star. To be clear, its not because of the lake itself. That part is a beautiful resource. Its for the locals that have completely trashed this park and its trails. I hiked Lake Carasaljo only, so I can't speak for Shenandoah. I uploaded pics of the beautiful things the lake has to offer. CAUTION... you have to walk through miles of garbage to find these spots. My recommendation, skip this one until grown ups move in and reclaim the park/trails. It is indeed sad.

use to be beautiful but they ruined it. so sad