Photos of Barnegat Lighthouse State Park Trails

The trail for this starts in the parking lot. The trail shown on AllTrails does not include the short loop through the woods. When you enter the park from the parking lot, take the short .2 mile loop through the woods that is on the right. After completing the loop, continue on the trail as shown. It follows a concrete walkway along the inlet where there are usually people fishing. Benches are placed along the walkway. When you get to the end of the walkway, climb through the railing to continue on the rocks. These can be slippery depending on weather and tide. At the end of the jetty, the beach is on the right. It is not recommended for swimming due to changing currents caused the by tides, jetty, and inlet. All in all it's a nice walk, not strenuous, although you do need to watch your footing on the rocks. We also saw a variety of water birds - seagulls, plovers, oystercatchers, and others. Fun time!