3 months ago

Love it here. Nope, I would not recommend trail running nor heading out for a walk. The best part about it is when you get to the less groomed trails. When I NEED to get out for a mini hike, the last thing I want is people changing nature. Take the mini offshoot trails, some good dense stuff out there. Not particularly challenging but a few tricky spots if you can find them.

Beautiful fall colors but many downed trees from Hurricane Sandy. Trail needs much maintenance and is not clearly defined in areas.

trail running
7 months ago

Oh my God! This trail is in major need of restoration and love. I know that it's an unpaved Trail, which is rare to find in central New Jersey, but this trail is completely unsuitable for trail running. It can accommodate one person at a time single file, and sometimes there is not enough room to maneuver. What are the obstructions you may ask? Downed trees, poison ivy, and grasses enough to suggest that I have been the only person to come here this year. Moreover, any labeling as a moderate trail is more likely due to the fact that it is not maintained, not due to any significant changes in incline or intensity. It is is poorly blazed if you are trying to keep tabs pace faster than 4.0 mph.

8 months ago

1 year ago

Love it, now has extra dogleg making it longer.

trail running
5 years ago

This is a great loop for trail running. Some surprising terrain back there.