Apshawa Preserve is a 576-acre preserve with a diversity of habitats and beautiful vistas in the heart of the Highlands of northern New Jersey. The 40-acre Butler Reservoir is a scenic attraction for hikers and birdwatchers, and the Apshawa Brook flows through the preserve to the Pequannock River. Apshawa's mixed hardwood forest is dominated by oak and sugar maple. More than five miles of blazed trails traverse the Apshawa Preserve and are open for hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, nature study and fishing. For more information please visit: http://njconservation.org/apshawapreserve.htm

Views arent anything great and neither are the falls. Multiple trails that are shown on the maps dont exist or are extremely over grown (for example dont try to take the yellow trail loop around the pond, its overgrown from head to toe and is scarcely blazed) only good thing is this trail is pretty quiet, even for a perfect summer Saturday I had the trails all to myself

Trails were a little confusing and it was extremely buggy when hiked in July. Nice vista toward the end though that made up for the bugs!

Not a bad hike on a nice day. The trails were kind of confusing at times, but was a fun simple place to go if you’re looking to get out.

Beautiful park. This was a lovely find for us and we will be back. We did Blue Orange Green and recommend that direction for the hike. The trails are very well marked but we also downloaded the map from the website on our phones and that was helpful. We did this trail (about 4 miles total) in about 2.5 hours with some teenagers and me (moderately in shape mom) and several stops for pictures. Trail definitely has climbing and steep inclines and declines so I would say this is a moderate not a beginner. No climbing gear needed but you need to be able to use your hands a little and pick a path. (My iPhone counted this hike as 46 flights of stairs). Tips: No facilities so bring your own water and be prepared to use nature. Also a significant amount of vegetation including poison ivy on the trails so wear long pants tucked into socks and liberal bug spray against ticks.

Awesome well marked trails!

Walked the trail this morning with my wife and two labradors. Both dogs loved all the water along the trail. And we had the woods pretty much to ourselves.

Trail can get somewhat confusing, but their are a lot of views and landmarks along the way that make it a great hike.

Nice moderate hike

From the parking lot it's the BLUE trail that's starts and meets up to other trails. Fun hike and not too hard. Very rocky at times careful not to slip with all the leaves now. I did the blue to the red loop and back to the parking lot on the blue. Water scene is pretty. Will def do this again

Scenic trail. Did not run into many birds or wildlife beyond chipmunks and squirrels, was surprised how empty it was for a Sunday. Very peaceful.

Stick to the trails located on the directory in the parking lot. I used this app to see where we were on the trail and the trail was incorrect. The trail going to and from parking lot is blue not green. The app sent us onto an unmarked area. Be careful. The trails are marked! I believe they must have changed the colors of them or added some. The view of the reservoir was wonderful!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fun trail with hardly any traffic on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. There are two waterfalls as the green trail swings north (walking the loop counter-clockwise). The first is beautiful, the second is a concrete wall with water dripping over its edge. If you're going to take a break, do it at the first waterfall! Much nicer view.

dope trails beautiful views cool spots to stop at ..loved it!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

It was a very nice, peaceful hike. Both the waterfalls and the ruins were wonderful. We walked blue-orange-green, and then in reverse the same way. Not too many other hikers, so it was serene. We walked about 4 miles. Please be LOUD when hiking. We ran into the SAME BLACK BEAR TWICE ON THE BLUE TRAIL around 3:40 PM. Be cautious and stay alert. It did not run even though we made A LOT of noise and just watched from afar. Also, pick up children when coming across bears. My sister is 7 and ran, we had to quickly grab her.

Great hike. Just realize though the blue trail leading to the green trail is 1 mile. Its more like a 5 mile hike when all said and done.

Beautiful park!

Monday, December 05, 2016

A beautiful hike!! First just a heads up the White Trial from the Parking lot is now the Blue Trial to prevent any confusion. Anyway I hiked the Blue trail and then the Green Loop and really enjoyed it. The views from the dam, reservoir, and waterfall were beautiful and had a nice time sitting and relaxing there. Another heads up the trial gets steep either walk up from the waterfall or walking down to the waterfall but worth it.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Absolute beautiful hike. Great photo ops of rivers and waterfalls. At times very steep terrain; make sure your rested up. Overall amazing hike.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Well marked trails, some rocky paths, very quiet. Great hike with lots of options and lookouts.

good for family to get one day trip

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Overall, a great hike for beginners, not too difficult. I did it with my father (who is 75) and he had no problem at all.

Beware of bears and ticks though.

Friday, June 19, 2015

I liked that it was a short trail and had a lot to offer. I actually was only on part of the green loop. I was mostly on the blue, but didn't have service to record the trip. Nice views and well taken care of! It's cool that most of it is fenced in to keep out deer. I took blue, white, red, green, blue, purple, then followed the fence back to the lot I came from (except the worst part was the ending 'cause it wasn't a real trail), and it was about 3 miles. Will definitely recommend, especially for beginners.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Really awesome trail. Really great views. A lot of broken glass at the start of the trail. Couldn't find the waterfall.

This hike is nice and easy, maybe a bit strenuous for someone just starting. There are a couple of Dams, a cascade and some cool rock formations. The overlooking scenery is not as good as some of the other hikes that are close by but they are not bad. I recommend doing this one of you just want to get outside get some fresh air and get your blood pumping. If you want more adventure or nicer scenery maybe try something a little farther north or the rock scramble near the Giant's Steps at Palisades interstate park which is across from the NYC Skyline.

Overall it was an enjoyable hike.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Great hike. Definitely not for young children or the non agile. Very well marked & clean. It should be noted that the trails have apparently changed. There is a map on the front gate at the trail head. Take a picture with your phone. It will come in handy. FYI several trees are currently down across the green trail. You will need to climb over/under many. Personally I loved this & thought it added to the trail. You may not agree. I only noticed one spot with a little mud, but I can see this area flooding. Highly recommended.

Loved the green loop. After 8 months not hiking, it was a joy to hike in the woods again. With ponds, dams, ruins and small water falls, it's quite exciting to be on this trail.

Went on the Butler Reservoir loop too a few days later, it was quite challenging in parts with downed trees and boggy areas, again a great hike, the yellow trail closed though, because of beaver damming activity, too bad.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

This is a nice hike with a varied combination of features to keep one interested. The switchbacking going up green trail after the dam is by far the most difficult part of the hike. The views are alright, probably better in the fall. However, if you hike for viewpoints this may not be for you. The views fail to match up with many of those found in the Wyanokies and Ramapos of Norvin Green SF, Ringwood SP, Stonetown, etc. Otherwise, there's a little bit of just about everything.

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