This is a long hike, about 13 miles. Does not have the best views for such a long hike, I would say Mt. Height has the best view, 360 degree view. And North Carter has one that's okay. The one thing I didn't like about this hike was the Imp trail, gets really narrow towards the top and very rocky, I would suggest going up that trail and not down it.

I did this trek yesterday. My phone died but so I only was able to record to Mid Carter and missed out on some great photo opps. It took me 9hrs to complete the loop. Pulled a muscle walking on the snow between Height and the Dome which slowed things down considerably. So it could defiantly be done more efficiently. Bagged three 4ks which is a plus. Best views off of Mt Height. 360 there and Just before North Carter theirs an opening where it shows a magnificent view of the mountains. The three 4ks are limited views so even if your not doing the full loop take the detours to Height and North! Overall about 13.5 mile trek.