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White Mountain National Forest lies within the White Mountains in the U.S. states of New Hampshire and Maine. It's crossed by the White Mountain Trail and Kancamagus scenic drives, plus part of the Appalachian Trail. The New England gem dates back to the 1860's. Here, the Mt. Washington Cog Railway climbs to the summit of Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the northeastern U.S. The Tuckerman Ravine Trail is now the most popular route to the summit and boasts some of the best views. This New England forest is also known for great hiking trails, beautiful views including spectacular views of fall foliage, winter skiing, and ample outdoor recreation opportunities. The forest provides wildlife habitat to black bears and peregrine falcons amongst other animals.

Great views for a short hike.

Perfect weather and the view from Starr King was splendid. Wonderful fairly early start made it so the mud was not an issue on the way up. The top is still very snow covered but packed so no post holes. It was in the 40's when we reached the top of Waumbek and in the 60's by the time we got to the bottom of Starr King. Unfortunately the Spring thaw has started so from the time we left the evergreens, through the hardwoods and down to the parking lot was quite slushy, muddy, and slippery. We only met two other men on Monday but when we went by on Sunday the parking lot was filled. It really was a nice weather weekend for getting some climbing in.

scenic driving
1 day ago

Fall is always the best time to visit. Hoping to someday travel on the motorcycle. Lots and Lots of views and scenic lookouts. Pack a lunch and pick a nice quiet spot to enjoy the views and mountain air.

Hiked this last fall with a friend - a little bit icy towards the top, but overall a fantastic experience and great views! Miss New England

1 day ago

Great family hike

Took Tuckermans via lions head up and down. Awesome hike, more like a climb- especially the last mile.

Just hiked this mountain on April 21st with my girlfriend and yellow lab.
We parked at the Mead Conservation Center, and hiked up the Wentworth trail to the summit, and took the same trail back down. Wentworth trail is amazing, half of the trail runs along the side of a big flowing stream, great for dogs to play in while going up and just pretty to hike next to. The hike is not to long, but is a steady work out and hike. the summit views are amazing and on of the best views in the Whites. took about 2 hours to get up. The view is worth it. one of the best bangs for your buck in the whites, and it's not overly long. I cannot recommend this enough, and it's perfect for medium and large size dogs. not a heavily trafficed trail. probably only saw 3 groups of people, so great for dogs offleash.

Great short hike. I had the summit to myself. The Views are incredible! I only saw one blaze the whole way up. I needed spikes half way up for traction. Still snow covered in spots.

3 days ago

This mountain is gorgeous!! The trail goes for around 4 miles until you get to the base of the mountain with a steep ascent. We went yesterday and the snow has a crazy thick base on the way there-- around 3 feet that was packed and good getting there but as it warmed up on the way back we were falling through like crazy. The ascent was pretty sketchy because of all the snow and we were slipping and some parts were definitely hard to get around. The top section is gorgeous-- walking through a beautiful path with evergreens all around you. We wanted to do the loop but rainbow trail hadnt been done since the snow fell so we had to go back down the way we came. Which was pretty insane-- the steep parts were done with us sliding on our butts or feet, some places with rocks and close to ledges. Pretty much no way not to do this with the current conditions. You pass a hut on the way up that has water (and in our case on the way down). The whole route was 12 miles for us up and back. Definitely not ideal conditions. You basically need microspikes and poles right now as you're on snow the entire time. As it warms up it will get worse for postholing on the way up so it might be better as a summer hike. We used the coordinates from the app to get to the trailhead but we ended up at a parking lot for cross country skiing before we could get there and parked there instead. We took that trail straight until you hit the trees/ trailhead.

3 days ago

We hiked the ridge loop yesterday, starting up little haystack and ending with Lafayette. The weather was great! The whole trail had a layer of snow, nothing too deep but spikes were a huge help. We did the loop in about 5 hours with a few breaks.

3 days ago

Incredible day on Saturday for a hike. The view from the top was crystal clear and the trail was packed and a bit slushy. Would highly recommend doing this before all the snow melts over the next week or so. Great little hike. Didn't use spikes or snow shoes.

3 days ago

Hiked to South Baldface summit just this weekend. Easy going up to the shelter. Then things got real. Very icy and windy (60mph gusts) from the shelter to the south summit. Made for slow going and as a result couldn't complete the loop. Came down via slippery brook trail which was basically virgin snow and couldn't have been more pleasant. Will return in a month or so to complete the 10 mile loop. Amazing views.

3 days ago

First time hiking Mt Moosilauke. Phenomenal hike. Still a lot of snow along the trail on 4/22, but well packed down. Icy at the top and so beautiful. Used crampons + trekking poles and was fine. Be aware that the gate to access the lodge is closed (at least it was when we hiked), so expect to add at least 30 min to 45 min to your total trek time.

For a short distance to the top of this 4k you will be packing a punch, it is quite steep, but the path is well-marked, no issues with that! Need microspikes, the snow was melting in a lot of areas though so it was REALLY slippery, I gotta say this mountain surprised me with how hard that last part was, it just keeps going up and up and with melted snow well..... I was extra slow! View at top was amazing and worth it and the decent was a breeze!

3 days ago

Great hike still icy on top, views are really sweat.

Nice quick hike. While it is a series of three waterfalls, the first is the tallest. Don’t stop there though. Cross the stream and continue up a slight grade until you see the sign that says “end of trail”. Not easy to find trailhead. Enter parking lot “C” of Wildcat ski area and proceed until you cross a small cement bridge. The trailhead will be on your left. If you get to the parking lot, you passed it.

4 days ago

Great trail, small water crossings. Spectacular views. Trial was not hard, you do need your microspikes towards the top for traction. There are some very slippery spots. The false summit has great views, but the true summit is spectacular. We did see a young bear, but he ran off as soon as he heard us.

It was difficult with the snow cover, but incredibly beautiful!

Amazing hike to hojo’s. Steady climb the entire 2.4 miles. Great views.

FANTASTIC hike!!! moderate but totally doable for even a beginner. it does get steep towards the top, just take your time. we went up stone house trail. the rattlesnake pool and gorge are worth a stop - so majestic and beautiful! the view from the top is one of the best. warning: the trails are NOT well marked. if it wasn’t for this app and a hiker we passed, we would have been plenty lost. the lookout at the top was almost impossible to find. thinking it may be easier to navigate when all the snow melts. the trails were very slippery - lots of wet leaves - just be careful. our pup loved this hike! happy trails!

Great hike. Broke trail after the last Nor'easter. Winds were strong for the first half then got above them. Easy breeze and temps in the 20s. Broke a snowshoe binding on the last steep stretch before the top. Super view over Squam. Came back down bare-booted in knee deep snow. would do it again in a heartbeat! Just with solid shoes!!

hadn't done yet. looking forward to the climb in late May. wish me luck I don't get eaten by lion, tiger and bears.... oh my.

7 days ago

Great trail but pretty tough. I've hiked most of the 48 and a bunch of other places in the Whites and this trail is the only one I've really truly bonked on. Pack plenty of water and take your time.

7 days ago

Very challenging but stunningly beautiful. Really fun hike

7 days ago

Took this trail to North Carter , park at the south trailhead and begin by walking along rt 16 for about .3m then enter the woods at the north trailhead, the trail was slippery and cleats helped greatly, two miles to Imp face, awesome views of the Great Gulf and surrounding peaks, at 3 miles take N. Carter trail to A.T. , from the A.T. Jct. North Carter summit is less than half a mile, nice views of the Baldface range.. that's about five miles from the car so with a turn around time had to skip Middle Carter.. from the N. Carter/Imp trail jct take a right and take the more gradual way down, don't miss the meadow above camp dodge, about a mile before reaching the south trailhead...

Bang for the proverbial buck. A short hike to a big vista. Not heavily trafficked. Be sure to wear orange in hunting season.

This winter hike was intense. I'd consider myself in shape, but we had to take regular breaks to manage fatigue. It's steep and uphill the entire way. We wore microspikes but probably could have done snowshoes to avoid falling through the fresh snow. The snow had blown off the summit so it was like walking on a frozen pond to the summit. Beware that the winds at the top can really whip. We even saw another group of hikers put on ski googles before ascending above tree line.

Trail was hard packed snow all the way to the summit, but it turned the rocky trail into a sidewalk so that was welcomed. In snowy/winter conditions, microspikes are needed to scramble on the ice-wrapped summit rocks. Slope is kind and gradual, aside from some large steps at the summit. Great one!

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