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3 days ago

Beautiful hike. Some steeper sections but generally an easy grade. Had some blow down damage but was able to walk around. Didn’t quite make the summit due to icy snow melting. So we didn’t experience the vistas. We passed two other couples who experienced the same. Still a lovely hike.

Hands down my favorite hike in the Whites. Beautiful views from above the clouds on the ridge.

Hiked this in the first week of May. Definitely the prettiest hike I’ve done in the northeast. Highly recommend. Spikes were helpful on the ascent and descent.

Took just under 3 hours with 2 dogs and a 6 year old who loves hiking. Including multiple water stops and prolonged, breathtaking awe gazing. Fun, and challenging rocks (had to lift both small and large dog up in one section where there was no logical work around for them). Just fabulous.

This was a fun trail! Pretty steep and rocky at times with some scrambling closer to the summit but it is not overly challenging! There were several neat views along the way. I like the “first summit” view. I took the blue trail up and down. Just take it slow because it is easy to lose the trail, at one point I was off the trail but easily got back on it when I saw some hikers.

Great hike. Just hiked the loop. There's still snow on the trail up to Little Haystack. Spikes would have been helpful. Some snow also on the way down the mountain after the Greenleaf Hut. Great day for a hike and will definitely do it again!

6 days ago

hike, not for beginners
good 360 views, completed in 3.4 hours with a break at summit
not a good trail for bad knees

Not for the faint of heart! Strong and endless elevation gains after the first 20 minutes of the trail. Beautiful scene at the summit makes it all worthwhile. We were hot on the trail but conditions were cool and windy up top, so layers are a great idea. Enjoy!

North Peak Trail was a great hike in and out hike, I didn’t take try the yellow trail. North Peak was steep at times but very enjoyable, great views at the top. Quicker trip than planned.

Great medium to hard complexity hike. We had a Boy Scout Trip on 5/12/18 and had an excellent time with scouts that had a mix of hiking skills and experience.

The view of the white mountains is amazing. It is fun to see where you have hiked on the loop as you progress.

It was very technical in one area - would not recommend if it was a wet day.

Fantastic trail with breathtaking views! Challenging enough to be interesting without becoming overwhelming. Will definitely be back come autumn to see the foliage!

7 days ago

Had a ton of fun with my 7 year old son today! The trail is very flat and easy to hike. Beautiful falls once you accomplish a somewhat boring 2.8 miles. Family friendly!

7 days ago

Middle half of the trail is a mess. Desperately needs maintenance. Not enjoyable. Coming down I realized there is a trail next to the trail for most of the middle section with makes it a bit easier, but I couldn’t find it on the way up. Lost the trail several times due to fallen trees etc. even though there are plenty of blazes. View is wonderful. Haven’t done the blue trail that approaches further north. Maybe that trail is better.

Great trail

I skied this on May 9th and I’ll never forget it. Definitely one of the coolest things you can do in the east. I hiked most of the way with my boots on my back until I reached the snow. The trail itself is fairly easy with a few rocks here and there. After The Hojo Hut, the section of trail called “Little Headwall” didn’t have any snow so it was very tricky in ski boots. In the winter and spring, generally you climb what you ski. I was able to climb Chute and ski Center Headwall. I also did Left Gully. If you are climbing Chute or The Lip, you’ll definitely want an ice axe. Left Gully can easily be done without one. In early spring, you can ski the Little Headwall, after mid April you have to hike down. I was able to ski the first half of The Sherburne Trail, then I reached a closure rope and had to cut over to the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. The Sherburne Trail might only be partially open or completely closed since it is a “ski only” trail and hiking will damage it. Bring plenty of water and some snacks. It is a long day. Don’t put on your coat until it’s time to start skiing, you will get very sweaty if you wear it on the hike.

Okay - first, the views from the summit are absolutely spectacular! However, I learned a thing or two or twenty about hiking a 4000 footer in the spring - and my net is, don’t! Or at least not this one. The hike was 99% tedious and 1% fun. But the view is great! The gate was still closed to the access road, (which adds a little over a mile to the hike each way), probably to discourage people from hiking it right now! The trail starts off pretty nondescript - gentle climb through woodlands, dry footing, normal roots and rocks and stuff. Then the trail got wetter and muddier and rockier. Then you come to a confluence of perhaps every stream in the Whites and you have to find your way across this spider web of water. Doable. Would’ve been a wade for sure a couple of weeks ago! From here on, with tiny breaks of dry land, the trail is basically a muddy rocky stream bed. You can get around some of it, but it’s a pain. Then you hit the snow. Kind of spotty at first, then full on deep, with a narrow packed ridge to walk on like a balance beam, and deep post hole stuff dropping off on either side. Not too much ice. I had nano spikes which gripped just fine. Snowshoes probably would have been the best because you wouldn’t have had to worry so much about staying on the narrow packed ridge. Gaiters would have been a plus too for the few times you do sink in. Windy at the top but lots of places to sit behind granite “walls” to block the wind and enjoy the sunshine! Did this hike with my dog. I will stick to smaller hikes until the snow melts and things dry out a bit:)

The North peak trail is great! It’s a well marked, steep trail that quickly takes you to the top with amazing views! The Twin brook trail is a longer gradual trail that isn’t well marked in many areas and if you’re not paying attention you can easily get turned around. There has been selective harvesting of a great number of trees on this trail that makes in not as fun or as beautiful as the North Peak Trail. The trail is like a roller coaster you go up and down a great number of times with a few twists and turns. I recommend going up and down the North Peak Trail instead of going up North Peak and down Twin Brook trail.

Definitely do this trail counter-clockwise. Right now there are a lot of trees down from the winter storms. Some trees have the blazes on them and others have fallen directly on the path. When you come to the fork at the base of the loop, go right.

The hike itself was beautiful. It took us 5 hours (we’re on the slower side of things) and offered many great views along the way!

Definitely a challenging hike! I think it's only moderate and not hard because of the miles/altitude. It's very steep and a lot of flat rocks to climb. I would consider myself an advanced hiker and it would have been impossible if the rocks were wet. Gorgeous views!! Overall, loved this hike!

trail running
10 days ago

Wondering if anyone could share some info about trail conditions this May? Would like to head up in the next week or 2.

Hard trail for a first hike so this really feels good and challenging! Our only mistake I guess is we hiked up the falling water trail and hiked down the old bridle path which is very steep and slippery going down. That caused some hematoma on my big toenail but hey, it was worth it!

11 days ago

it's hiking, completed loop in 2.40hours

trail running
12 days ago

This is one of my favorite trail runs in the White Mountain Region. Wonderful views from South and North Baldface. No water one up above tree line, so if it is hot, make sure to tank up for ridge portion of the run.

We hiked this trail in late April when there was still a fair amount of snow on the trail. This made the about 45-degree ledge scrambles a bit more exciting. The views are non-stop amazing.

13 days ago

Between the waterfalls and the ridge it was an easy to rate this 5 star...awesome. Be prepared for winter conditions during the spring months. Check out my write up along with some other things to look out for.

This is a great hike for great views for not too much effort. No significant ice or snow left on the trail, no traction required. Hiked the loop clockwise and some muddy conditions on the last part of the trail before parking lot.
$5 parking fee that supports the parking and toilet facilities.

Quick start on the Blue trail. Great views. Markers for the Yellow trail a little spotty on the way down. Take your time and it’ll be fine.

Great 4 mile trail. Perfect conditions today.

15 days ago

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