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Well marked trail with incredible vistas. We went Lions Head since Tuckerman's higher up was closed. Quite challenging! I'm use to hiking trails with a lot of switchbacks coming from the desert southwest. 4,000' in

This hike is one of my best hike so far, I enjoyed every single movement from starting water fall and then after steep and rocky parts as well as top ridge hike.

Did the loop starting from falling water to the ridge coming down on bridal path trail which I think is better option to take. We were lucky we picked the picture perfect day. Views from the ridge were breathtaking.

Nice and easy hike/nature walk to the falls! Water was super cold to jump in but there were nice places to swim at the end and a cool rock water slide to go down on too. Great place to cool off and fun to take friends and family with you!

Great hike - I hiked solo today and went up Falling Waters, along the ridge and down old bridle Path, which I think is the easier way to go because of how steep Falling Waters is (couldn’t imagine it helps the knees). If you like trail running, I imagine that Bridle path is a good trail for that - I had blast jumping/jogging over and dodging rocks on the way down. Beautiful view of mountains in every direction. I’m in my 20s, pretty good shape, finished in 5 hours 40 minutes including some 10-15 min breaks on Haystack, Lafayette and at Greenleaf. Arrived at 9am and the parking lot was about 60% full.

3 days ago

Nice trail with a beatiful view.

Beautiful trail! Very easy to follow with well marked junctions. I brought along my little 10 lb dog who made it up and down just fine. We took Snapper Trail and Carriage Road up, then Gorge Brooke down. Great views from both the south peak and summit. The summit is exposed and tends to be windy, so definitely bring a sweater or jacket (and some sunscreen!). The way up was moderate, with a pretty steady incline.

Lions head over looks is amazing

This was my first hike in 2 years.It is difficult if you are a beginner. It rises gradually and is super steep in sections. Rocky too. Definitely carry a bug spray during the spring. The last mile was a real struggle but the views are worth it. Very rewarding. Make sure to carry a lot of water.

I would consider myself to be average to just below average fitness-wise and I was able to complete this hike in almost exactly 6 hours, including several snack/photo breaks. I went up the Falling Waters trail, which took 3 hours. The first mile is a more gradual incline, but the second 2 miles are very steep and rocky. I could only walk for about 10 minutes before needing to catch my breath or drink water, and there were about 5 different groups doing the same so we kept passing each other. It was nice to know I wasn't the only one struggling!

The views at the top are incredible and I took my sweet time finishing the ridge (1.5 hours with a lunch stop and LOTS of photo stops). At one point just before Mt. Lafayette I found the perfect spot to just sit and enjoy the view, and if you're not short on time I highly recommend doing the same. You certainly worked for it, so enjoy it! My descent down the Bridle Path took 2.5 hours, including a stop at the cabin to use the restroom and fill my water bottle. The descent can be steep in some parts and is quite rocky, so if your knees are a problem area for you take your time and/or bring poles to save them from the impact. I definitely recommend hiking boots, since there were some areas that were wet and rocky so a good grip would be helpful.

Best Mountain in New England

We went up falling waters, across the ridge and 3 peaks, and down Bridle. I would recommend this loop direction as going down falling water trail seemed difficult even as we were going up. Also, the final peak in this direction is Mt. Lafayette and the highest with the most impressive views (all the views along the ridge and at all 3 peaks are great, but it’s nice to have Lafayette as the finale).

My boyfriend and I are accustomed to difficult hikes (have done Angel’s Landing in Zion among others) and this was difficult BC of the large boulders needing large steps for the majority of the trail. We weren’t particularly tired out, but our knees and ankles were sore on the descent. It’s like a stair master for 8 miles. But plenty of trail runners tackling this loop and plenty of space to rest and take in the great views. Pack plenty of snacks and layers for the windy ridge. There’s a green hut descending down bridle trail where you can refill your water bottle for free and sells small snacks and lemonade.

I was only intending to do Falling Waters, but once I got to the top I just couldn’t stop going! It was so amazing. Another thing that pushed me through is knowing how hard it would be to descend Falling Waters....I was so much happier on the way down Old Bridle. 6 hours and 45 mins including the time from my car and back to my car at the end. It was so busy I had to park almost a quarter mile down the highway! Bring a thick sweatshirt or jacket...It felt 30 degrees colder and extremely windy at the top.

Great Hike! I went up Old Bridle and down Falling Waters - the thought was to knock off the higher peak Mount Lafayette first then take the descent down through the other two peaks in the loop. Lovely day, clear skies, lots of people going up Falling Waters. Only challenge with going the direction I did, when you run into the water falls area on the Falling Waters trail it can be tricky coming down. Did the hike in 6 1/2hrs - decent shape, took many breaks and took my time, very doable.

great hike! I took my dog up this trail with no issues. we did blueberry mountain and speckled mountain. My mostly blind and totally deaf cattle dog made it with no problems. wonderful hike and we plan to do it again!!!

5 days ago

A good hike with a decent view.

Great hike, maybe one of the best ridge walks I have done in New England. Physically demanding and rough underfoot, would be tough in rain and maybe impossible in snow/ice. I saw in earlier post 6hrs, forget that unless you are a mountain goat! Allow minimum 8hrs. Only down side is I93 noise, but don’t let that put you off.

The trail itself lived up to billing as difficult. What was the downer was at the lower elevation there were non stop mosquitoes!! Worst I’ve ever seen by far. You could not stop or you would be swarmed. Once you got higher up it wasn’t so bad but at the lower elevations watch out, beginning at the parking lot. Also there was no waterfall like advertised. Also I couldn’t find the loop so it ended up being an out and back. Also it’s rocky as heck.

This was my first ever hike! A little buggy this time of the year but a bunch of friendly hikers offered up their bug spray (so nice!). Definitely got a little strenuous towards the end and it caught me a little off guard, but the view was just spectacular. It was sure worth the hike!

7 days ago

Great hike. Recommend starting on Greeley Pond side and working towards Osceola from there. Don’t bother going all the way to Tripoli road. Only good overnight camping locations we found were on East Osceola. Limited water gathering spots. Winds on the top were pretty strong.

Fine. No blazes, but most of the rocky branch trail and davis path are fine. The Dry River Trail (a misnomer, by the way - be prepared to get wet!) is less well marked. You need to cross the same creek 3 times, but exactly where is up to you. Views at the top are lovely!

Jefferson was one of my most trying hikes to dates! I’ve been hiking since I was in high school and I have bad knees from playing volleyball. I try to do a couple of difficult hikes a summer but Jefferson was the harshest on my joints. But boy was the view worth it, you can see the tops of every mountain and Washington is right in front of you. Warning, there’s numerous false peaks and there were a ton of bugs on the trail during the time I went, which was in the late Spring.

Loved it very challenging towards the end but fun did it with my family

This was a relatively quick hike with the reward of spectacular views at the summit. The first mile and a bit is a relatively easy ascent on a dirt path; from there you'll hit a fairly steep ascent and a few rocky scrambles up to the summit. I chose this hike because of what previous reviewers said about the views and I was not disappointed. The panorama was really breathtaking, from Chocorua to the Presidentials, to the towns laid out below. I'm really looking forward to hiking this mountain again and continuing on to North Moat.

I am not an experienced hiker so this trail was very difficult. It's a long and steep hike but has amazing views and waterfalls. Bring lots of water and check the weather for the top of the mountain before going.

A Good Easy short climb. Good start to Beginners. Gets a little steep at times. But worth the views on top.

9 days ago

Hiked this from the Lincoln Woods Trailhead... about 12.5 miles up to Mt. Flume and back. Nice challenging hike and lots to see!

Well traveled, marked, and cared for trail. VERY windy at the summit! Gorgeous 360 degree views.

Just starting hiking with my husband, we aren't in the best of shape but this trail is close to home. It gets pretty steep and is also very rocky. We will definitely feel it tomorrow. Took us 1.5 hours to the summit that's with breaks and being really out of shape. 1 hour back down.

Hiked on 6-10-2018, took just over 6 hours (including breaks) for my Wife and I who are in pretty decent shape. Some people say this hike gets you the best views in New England, and I can see why! You definitely have to work to get there, though. We went up Falling Waters and down Old Bridle like many have suggested. I think going down on Falling Waters would have been much more difficult. Pack your water, food, and some warm weather clothing for the ridgeline (WINDY). Bring cash if you want to grab a treat at the AMC Greenleaf Hut .

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