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Hiked this loop today counter clockwise. The Falling Waters Trail is as beautiful as ever. The snow and ice are almost completely gone, and no traction devices were needed. The Ridge Trail was a little windy, blowing from the west at about 40 MPH. The views from all 3 summits are breathtaking, with Lafayette the jewel in that crown. Highly recommended, but do your research first. This is known as one of the toughest day hikes in the Whites, and for very good reasons.

A great plug-and-chug hike or mountain run. Very cool and different experience, as there is some borderline rock-climbing at the start of the alpine zone and you are traversing a completely exposed ridge. You can watch your progress behind you for the entire time above the tree line, which is miles. This loop would be quite a challenge in the winter and dangerous in wet or cold conditions. Similar to many of the 4,000-footers, the wind up there is constant but exhilarating. My most important pointer is that I would leave most dogs, especially small dogs, at home. My dog has climbed six mountains with me in the past two weeks and even she was scrambling down the bare rock at some points and came home with her front feet bleeding. Small dogs would have to be lifted over ledges while you maintained your own balance. Beautiful trail, though, not too cold this time of year (t-shirt and flannel even at the summit) and no snow or mud. I even saw two moose!

Hiked up Short Line trail and back down Air Line trail after summit of Adams. Very windy at summit 50-60 mph. Short Line trail is very difficult for the last mile or so especially with the lingering ice. I hiked alone which I would not recommend on this trail as one misplaced foot can lead to serious injury. Air Line trail would have been a much easier hike up.

Great trail, easy to follow, challenging, not crippling, rewarding. Took piper to Hammond to wematoo, took 6 hours

2 days ago

Brutal climb.

Started easy enough, nut once you reach the junction, we took left and started with the North peak. It is a gain of over 1100 feet on 0.7 miles. Problem was not the climb but the trail itself. Fallen trees, gnarly roots, eroded trails. So watch your footing. The ridge run b/w the 2 peaks was fun and there were great views from the outlook points on both the S&N peaks. And the then the descent began - same level of steepness, except that there was ice on the trail. What fun. :)

Microspikes are a necessity if planning to climb down the south peak as the ice is pretty slippery at most places. Again, watching the footing.

happy hiking, stay safe.

Absolutely love this hike! In March/ April we definitely needed micro spikes due to snow and ice, but when we did it again in May, the weather was wonderful.

We hiked up on the Falling Waters trail and across the ridge. Of course we had to stop at the Greenleaf Hut on the way down. The facilities were clean and everyone was friendly.

The view from the top was STUNNING. If you’re anything like me and never want to leave the top, I suggest bringing a headlamp for your journey down. We stayed on top of he mountain so long we had to race the sun. No one wins in a race with the sun.

15/10 would do this again and again. One of my favorites.

Did this trail yesterday 5/16/18 and we started at noon. We made a stop in the beginning for about an hour so my friend could boil water along one of the streams. Closer to the top there are more snow banks than not over the trail but completely doable without crampons etc. We stopped again for lunch once the treeline receded at about 4500 ft. and summited Moosilauke by 5. Going down the carriage road trail we were out just before 8. Beautiful trail great views. I'm not entirely sure but far far out North West I believe you can see Lafayette

Did this trail yesterday. Some great views with some relatively okay spring conditions. Monorail was kind of a pain and caused me to slip in a couple of places. Footbridges that cross the brook need to be fixed because they all feel mostly unstable.

Great hike with nice views along the ridge. We did this hike in December. There was snow but it was a warmer day so it was fantastic. We had the trail mostly to ourselves wish I’m sure isn’t the case in the warmer seasons.

Hands down my favorite hike in the Whites. Beautiful views from above the clouds on the ridge.

Hiked this in the first week of May. Definitely the prettiest hike I’ve done in the northeast. Highly recommend. Spikes were helpful on the ascent and descent.

Great hike. Just hiked the loop. There's still snow on the trail up to Little Haystack. Spikes would have been helpful. Some snow also on the way down the mountain after the Greenleaf Hut. Great day for a hike and will definitely do it again!

9 days ago

we took gorge brook up and carriage road to snapper trail down. Do not recommend taking gorge brook without spikes, very icy! Sprained my ankle slipping into deep snow and passed by a few other hikers with the same problem. Beautiful view but very windy, might want to pack an extra jacket!

Hiked this trail to the end and the short distance on the Ridge to Mt. Flume. Osseo is a beautiful trail, and moderate in difficulty (the hardest part is really the length- 11.2 miles out and back). The monorail is still there in the flat area below the summit, but was easily negotiated. The stairs are snow and ice free. Great trail, fantastic views!

Great medium to hard complexity hike. We had a Boy Scout Trip on 5/12/18 and had an excellent time with scouts that had a mix of hiking skills and experience.

The view of the white mountains is amazing. It is fun to see where you have hiked on the loop as you progress.

It was very technical in one area - would not recommend if it was a wet day.

11 days ago

Had a ton of fun with my 7 year old son today! The trail is very flat and easy to hike. Beautiful falls once you accomplish a somewhat boring 2.8 miles. Family friendly!

11 days ago

Middle half of the trail is a mess. Desperately needs maintenance. Not enjoyable. Coming down I realized there is a trail next to the trail for most of the middle section with makes it a bit easier, but I couldn’t find it on the way up. Lost the trail several times due to fallen trees etc. even though there are plenty of blazes. View is wonderful. Haven’t done the blue trail that approaches further north. Maybe that trail is better.

Great trail

I skied this on May 9th and I’ll never forget it. Definitely one of the coolest things you can do in the east. I hiked most of the way with my boots on my back until I reached the snow. The trail itself is fairly easy with a few rocks here and there. After The Hojo Hut, the section of trail called “Little Headwall” didn’t have any snow so it was very tricky in ski boots. In the winter and spring, generally you climb what you ski. I was able to climb Chute and ski Center Headwall. I also did Left Gully. If you are climbing Chute or The Lip, you’ll definitely want an ice axe. Left Gully can easily be done without one. In early spring, you can ski the Little Headwall, after mid April you have to hike down. I was able to ski the first half of The Sherburne Trail, then I reached a closure rope and had to cut over to the Tuckerman Ravine Trail. The Sherburne Trail might only be partially open or completely closed since it is a “ski only” trail and hiking will damage it. Bring plenty of water and some snacks. It is a long day. Don’t put on your coat until it’s time to start skiing, you will get very sweaty if you wear it on the hike.

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14 days ago

Wondering if anyone could share some info about trail conditions this May? Would like to head up in the next week or 2.

I did this hike today May 9, 2018. It was extremely icy and still has very deep snow which kept breaking and going all the way up to my thighs and cutting my leg the whole way. I think this hike would be amazing when all the snow melts but it was very hard today and almost not enjoyable. I am an avid hiker so is the girl I went with but it was still very hard because of the soft snow and ice. It’s also at least 3.1 in AND out, according to my tracker I did over 8 miles. Just a heads up.

Hard trail for a first hike so this really feels good and challenging! Our only mistake I guess is we hiked up the falling water trail and hiked down the old bridle path which is very steep and slippery going down. That caused some hematoma on my big toenail but hey, it was worth it!

There is a great parking area with a large map showing all of the surrounding trails. The trail was very well marked. Almost the entire trail is alongside the water with several beautiful waterfalls to admire. I would highly recommend hiking this trail if you’re also a waterfall lover but not so much if you are looking for mountaintop views. Heads up... there were a lot of ticks.
We found 5-6 ticks on our yorkie by the time we made it back to the car and he was wearing tick medicine. Even still I would definitely revisit this trail again.

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16 days ago

This is one of my favorite trail runs in the White Mountain Region. Wonderful views from South and North Baldface. No water one up above tree line, so if it is hot, make sure to tank up for ridge portion of the run.

17 days ago

Between the waterfalls and the ridge it was an easy to rate this 5 star...awesome. Be prepared for winter conditions during the spring months. Check out my write up along with some other things to look out for.

Gate open at base. Still lots of snow during ascend via George Brook on 5/5/18. Spikes and poles suggested. Summit clear of snow and very windy. Excellent views. Descended via Carriage Road and Snapper. These trails were more gradual and wide.

Half of this route is on a paved road - I would avoid this unless you love pavement.

19 days ago

21 days ago

This is not a hike to do in spring season. Very very slippery and dangerous even with crampons. Trail is very steep and there is a nice waterfall at the bottom but other than that it is quite average. Not my favorite.

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