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This trail is on the tougher side of moderate. Is is very steep at some areas going up Welch Mountain, but the rest is fairly easy. The views are great and definitely worth it

A lot of great views on the way up + on the way down. Would definitely do again!

First, don’t turn where this tells you to for directions. Go almost a mile past (or before) till you see a sign for Downes Brook Trail Head - turn there. Second, lots of trees down so watch for blazes very carefully. Make sure you have a GPS map. We barely got off trail due to trees and couldn’t see any blazes. Luckily we were able to use our GPS to find our way back. You can tell they have cleared many trees already but winter really did a number!
It took us 2 hours and we are beginner hikers with a dog. Our shepherd struggled in some spots to make a jump or climb over trees. Terrain is lots of roots and large rock face.
Beautiful views! Lots of little spots to break off a few feet and see the views.

awesome trail and views!!! will definitely do it again...took 4 hours!! great hike!

Took just under 3 hours with 2 dogs and a 6 year old who loves hiking. Including multiple water stops and prolonged, breathtaking awe gazing. Fun, and challenging rocks (had to lift both small and large dog up in one section where there was no logical work around for them). Just fabulous.

This was a fun trail! Pretty steep and rocky at times with some scrambling closer to the summit but it is not overly challenging! There were several neat views along the way. I like the “first summit” view. I took the blue trail up and down. Just take it slow because it is easy to lose the trail, at one point I was off the trail but easily got back on it when I saw some hikers.

Did this yesterday it was a beautiful day and it be moms day saw several moms and daughters hiking it! A number of women trail runners as well. You go girls!
Wanted to visit Camp Penacook as this is a wilderness leanto and like many of its kind wont be around for ever. It’s an longer then expected difficult hike up and away from the piper so I opted to bushwack to the main trail doable lots of cool ledges but not recommended! I descended traditionally so I could check out the whole trail. Beautiful.

North Peak Trail was a great hike in and out hike, I didn’t take try the yellow trail. North Peak was steep at times but very enjoyable, great views at the top. Quicker trip than planned.

Fantastic trail with breathtaking views! Challenging enough to be interesting without becoming overwhelming. Will definitely be back come autumn to see the foliage!

10 days ago

Hiked this trail for the first time yesterday. Great weather super windy and cold at the summit but was prepared for it. Was hoping the summit wouldn’t be as crowded as it usually was but was surprised how many were up there.

Brought my spikes just in case, wasn’t sure since it was my first hike in the whites this year but didn’t use them once.

The North peak trail is great! It’s a well marked, steep trail that quickly takes you to the top with amazing views! The Twin brook trail is a longer gradual trail that isn’t well marked in many areas and if you’re not paying attention you can easily get turned around. There has been selective harvesting of a great number of trees on this trail that makes in not as fun or as beautiful as the North Peak Trail. The trail is like a roller coaster you go up and down a great number of times with a few twists and turns. I recommend going up and down the North Peak Trail instead of going up North Peak and down Twin Brook trail.

Definitely do this trail counter-clockwise. Right now there are a lot of trees down from the winter storms. Some trees have the blazes on them and others have fallen directly on the path. When you come to the fork at the base of the loop, go right.

The hike itself was beautiful. It took us 5 hours (we’re on the slower side of things) and offered many great views along the way!

Definitely a challenging hike! I think it's only moderate and not hard because of the miles/altitude. It's very steep and a lot of flat rocks to climb. I would consider myself an advanced hiker and it would have been impossible if the rocks were wet. Gorgeous views!! Overall, loved this hike!

I did this hike today May 9, 2018. It was extremely icy and still has very deep snow which kept breaking and going all the way up to my thighs and cutting my leg the whole way. I think this hike would be amazing when all the snow melts but it was very hard today and almost not enjoyable. I am an avid hiker so is the girl I went with but it was still very hard because of the soft snow and ice. It’s also at least 3.1 in AND out, according to my tracker I did over 8 miles. Just a heads up.

14 days ago

it's hiking, completed loop in 2.40hours

There is a great parking area with a large map showing all of the surrounding trails. The trail was very well marked. Almost the entire trail is alongside the water with several beautiful waterfalls to admire. I would highly recommend hiking this trail if you’re also a waterfall lover but not so much if you are looking for mountaintop views. Heads up... there were a lot of ticks.
We found 5-6 ticks on our yorkie by the time we made it back to the car and he was wearing tick medicine. Even still I would definitely revisit this trail again.

We hiked this trail in late April when there was still a fair amount of snow on the trail. This made the about 45-degree ledge scrambles a bit more exciting. The views are non-stop amazing.

This is a great hike for great views for not too much effort. No significant ice or snow left on the trail, no traction required. Hiked the loop clockwise and some muddy conditions on the last part of the trail before parking lot.
$5 parking fee that supports the parking and toilet facilities.

16 days ago

Great views at the top, make sure to take the extra 0.2 miles to the cliffs, definitely worth it. Not a beginner trail because it does get steep but it's a great short hike and not too crowded.

Quick start on the Blue trail. Great views. Markers for the Yellow trail a little spotty on the way down. Take your time and it’ll be fine.

Great 4 mile trail. Perfect conditions today.

Visitor Center staff told me this site is under construction as they repair/replace some railings. The projected opening is June 8.

Did this favorite hike today. Typical spring mud areas here and there. After the bridge crossing the river at about 2 it’s snow and ice all the way to the falls. We didn’t have micro spikes or crampons, so not really prepared, Some postholing where snow was soft. River crossing just after shelter and before falls was difficult at this time. River was very high and moving fast.. We did see one person (of the 2 others we saw also doing the trail on this day) look ahead at the shelter and turn back . We made it across. Falls were spectacular with spring melting. Just beautiful.

18 days ago

Still closed. Was hoping it would be open because of last review but it was not! Nice ride though!

20 days ago

This is not a hike to do in spring season. Very very slippery and dangerous even with crampons. Trail is very steep and there is a nice waterfall at the bottom but other than that it is quite average. Not my favorite.

23 days ago

First time on a trail and it was great!! There was still snow on the trail that we weren’t totally prepared for but it was manageable. Took the dog with me and my wife. We couldn’t of asked for a better time. The falls were beautiful and was totally worth it.

This was a great trail with great views along the way. The incline starts at the trailhead and doesn’t have any notable flat surfaces so be prepared to climb up the whole way. There is a small section of climbing up the ledge to the top. The views were awesome and well worth it. I took the Yellow trail down. To find it go straight across the top from where you came up on the blue trail. To the left there is a rock pile and you will want to go left of that. The yellow markers don’t appear till your about .3 of a mile down so just keep following it and they will appear. The yellow trail is very steep in spots and you will be going down large sections of rock. You really need to pay attention to the markers as it’s very easy to get turned around thru the clear cutting and the markers can be sporadic at times. I hope this helps!

No ice today but extremely muddy!

Great views for a short hike.

scenic driving
28 days ago

Fall is always the best time to visit. Hoping to someday travel on the motorcycle. Lots and Lots of views and scenic lookouts. Pack a lunch and pick a nice quiet spot to enjoy the views and mountain air.

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