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Just did this trail today and it was great! Definitely started as a crisp fall hike but winter conditions up by the summit right now- so be safe! Took me a little less than three hours with a mix of running/hiking. Presidentials looked gorgeous, as always.

21 hours ago

Very rewarding hike. There are a couple challenging spots, especially towards the top, but the final view is well worth it.

1 day ago

We did the walk with our pup. Not sure that it should be rated ‘easy’. There are a lot of roots and rocks in the trail, making it a bit tricky. At the outlet from the pond, we had to go somewhat off trail to find a suitable path for our dog.

1 day ago

We had a wonderful hike with our pup. Not too easy. Not too hard. Good investment in time. Outstanding views from the top. Could have stayed up on the ledges for hours.

A great hike (walk ) around the lake
is a great place to stop and have lunch and enjoy the scenery....peace and quiet.
Thank you

Beautiful and very challenging hike. Contrary to what the listing notes, this is a better point to point hike than an out and back. I would recommend doing it as a day hike over backpacking after doing it both ways.

Very rewarding hike! Please bring Trail App with GPS or Map Note: at times Trail is difficult to identify ,We hiked when it rained and it was very slippery at the top! Would do it again...

Great trail, super tough! We turned at the Ridge and went up that trail to beaver brook and it was about a 9 mile hike - 5.5 hours. Snow rolled into town and made for a very difficult hike. But, was very beautiful getting two seasons in one hike! We hit a brief snow storm going along beaver brook and that made things a little more difficult. Very rocky trail with some scrambling. Overall, beautiful hike, but not an easy hike when it’s snowing. Due to the snow and clouds and wind, we didn’t get much of a view the day we hiked it.

4 days ago

We do this hike about ten times a year. The trail is a great morning get away. Only negative is to those of you that can't respect to dog leash rule, this weekend was a mess, enjoy the forest,,, respect the humans.

4 days ago

Wonderful hike, next time we bring the tent. Trail is was a little wet but well marked. The tent area is great. Who ever maintains this area ,,, thank you,,.

What a view! Rocky, with boulders, and roots make this trail interesting. A few steep spots but overall steady inclines. It was hard to leaVe the ledges. The view was so beautiful. We had them all to ourselves on a Saturday, after 3:00. You have to go back to the trail each time you go explore the ledges.

5 days ago

This is a wonderful trail! Up Piper, down Hammond and Weetamoo in 6h (with a nice break at the top.) 360-degree views with fading blazes once above tree line (but a few well-placed cairns helped us navigate, plus this app.) No real scrambling per se, but the open rock when wet requires some caution. Saw our first ice of the season today, and snow on the distant summit of Mount Washington!

trail running
7 days ago

Very solid trail. first mile is pretty flat then goes straight up from there. Weather can get crazy up top but the hike i well worth it. Highly Recommended!

Nice trail, very easy and long.
With foliage is very beautiful but I don’t think that during regular season is can be so impressive.
It’s a long walk through the forest with few points of interest. I was hoping for more scenic view.
I did the east side of the trail.

Hiked this yesterday & Sawyer River Road was open. Took me around 5 hours total. The trail itself was pretty with the fall foliage but psychologically tough because most of it is uphill through the woods with few views. Since it was a clear day it was worth it to see those 360 degree views from the deck though.

Fun hike

This was such a great hike, and it was even better with the changing of the leaves! Tree cover for most of the hike, until you get the ridge. We had such a gorgeous, and clear view. If you're lucky, you may be greeted by a few Gray Jays at the top of the watch tower. They polished off more of my trail mix than I did...And as people have stated, Sawyer Rd is open, and it's a beautiful drive down the road!

5 stars for the views at the top. 3 stars for the unrelenting rocks, scrabble, and boulders to step on, over, and around. I'm not extra-fit, and my thighs almost gave out 10 minutes from the top, but I'm glad I persisted. The forests were perfumed with a rich pine scent higher up and the view was divine. Not 360 but you can see far and wide.

9 days ago

Before I review, let's get a few things clear. Piper Trail is one of a number of trails that lead to the summit of Mt. Chocorua (I don't understand why AllTrails doesn't just say that in their description; like with many trails it would save us time not having to figure out what trails end at what summit, etc.) Also, there are four different signs on the PIper trail and none of them seem to agree on the actual mileage. It ranges from 4.2 - 4.5 one way to the actual summit, so I'm going to say the round trip is 8.5 miles - not the 6.7 AllTrails claims. Ok, with the business out of the way - this hike is truly lovely. The first mile or so is basically flat with some small steep sections that immediately level out. There are three small stream crossings, nice opportunities for dogs to get a drink. The next two miles climb steadily but moderately. The next mile or so (after the lean to) is intense. Steep, lots and lots of rocks, and a fair number of bare/steep rock crossings. Not for the faint of heart. At about a mile from the summit you can see the summit, and it looks far away and imposing. But actually the last .6 miles is not so bad. The trail is very well maintained; not always marked well at the top but it's certainly clear enough where it goes. The views on a clear day are spectacular. Bring lots of water and sunscreen - there's basically no shade at the top. I would rate this hike more hard than moderate but then again, those ratings are completely subjective based on fitness level. Round trip hiking time (without lunch at the top or stopping to take all the pictures) took me 5 hours and 20 min. Enjoy!

9 days ago

Great hike but demanding. No breaks on the way up or down. Take your time and you can have a great hike.

Give lots of time. Avoid rain. Going home to cry into a beer now...

This is a beautiful trail. The hiked up is a steady incline with a couple leveled out areas. There is a little bit of a view at the top.

our family of 5 started at 10am this past saturday and ended just after 4. what a great hike. though the summit was in the clouds and chilly, the hike up had great views and though challenging in spots, everyone had a great time . mt. chocura may not be one of the higher peaks, but it certainly stands up to them for its long. range views and variety of terrain/conditions. can't wait to go again

11 days ago

Great hike. Went North to South. Steep last half mile, but worth it.

11 days ago

Really enjoyed our hike. We went counter clockwise and spent about half an hour at the summit. Personally, I'd rank the hike easy overall. There was a brief period of steep incline, but it was short and not technical. Be careful you don't miss the summit!

12 days ago

Great hike with super rewarding views at the top. Definitely follow the advice to go counter clockwise, glad we did. My dog loved it, too. Not too crowded, even in peak foliage season.

Great views!

Tough hike up to the tower. Not many views due to cloud cover but had some breaks enough to get an idea of what it must bring on a sunny day. Will probably try this again on a better day

Do not underestimate this trail! We hiked it yesterday and it was awesome! We are slower hikers and started at 8am and got back out 10 minutes before dark. To put in perspective we did little Haystack, Lincoln and Lafayette starting at 11am and finishing just before dark. Allow yourself plenty of time to complete. Beautiful trail though

Sawyer river road is open. My fiend and I drove up the road Oct 3 2018 to the parking lot at the trail head

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