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White Mountain National Forest lies within the White Mountains in the U.S. states of New Hampshire and Maine. It's crossed by the White Mountain Trail and Kancamagus scenic drives, plus part of the Appalachian Trail. Dating to the 1860s, the Mt. Washington Cog Railway climbs to the summit of Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the northeastern U.S. The area is also known for bright fall foliage and winter skiing.

Hard going up along the waterfalls, very slippery

20 hours ago

Nice hike with friends and family. We swam in the falls which was cold but fun!! We do this one again

A good starter for a 4k if your looking to do them. This is my 6th and it was the easiest ive done so far. Challenging but short enough to not be to daunting. Rainy cloudy day so no views really but still fun. You can definitely do this in rain.

Went up the Sandwich Mountain Trail and came down the Drakes Brook Trail. The scenery is beautiful along Drakes Brook. I definitely recommend making the short trek to Jennings Peak. The views are incredible. Decided not to hike to the Sandwich Mountain summit after reading other reviews and talking to hikers on the trail who said it wasn't worth it.

Took a few hours to do the trail. I have completed it 3 times now each time was fantastic. Good for both sunny and rainy days.

1 day ago

Beautiful, easy hike!

This was an amazing trail. We were in the rain and fog but saw some of the views and they were amazing. Be prepared we hiked through the water most of the way up the head wall even with waterproof stuff we were soaked but it was worth it

1 day ago

Nice walk along the road adjacent to the Swift River. Good for kids and dogs. Should be rated easy.

definitely do it again. keep in mind there are no outhouses and there is better shade early or late in the day.

This is a fantastic hike! Wish I would of know I'd be crossing a rocky stream shortly after starting. In retrospect we should of taken our boots off and crossed. It was a hot day so walking the rest with wet boots was not too bad. The trail head and all trails app doesn't identify the Greeley Pond Trail as the yellow markers on the trees. We figured it out. The trail was easy to moderate and fairly well maintained. Walking up to the first pond was better then expected. A pristine mountain pond with a duck couple swimming around and fish jumping. The second shallower pond was a short hike from the first. There was we were serenaded by birds and had a few swallow tail butterfly's fluttering around us as company. When we first came upon the second pond we apparent warned a bear we were there and in the distance we saw the blur of it run fast from the water into the woods. It was a peaceful, spectacularly beautiful delight.