Have wanted to do this hike for a while and the views from the top did not disappoint. The trail was pretty muddy in parks but overall in good shape. The black flies were absolutely brutal until you got above the tree line. Forget the bug spray, bring a net, far more effective and won't wear off as the day goes on.

Today was in the 30s or lower and it was ICY! My boyfriend did not have any ice spikes, we were a little unprepared. I also dont have great ice spikes so I recommend getting some good ones if this is one of your first winter hikes. It was my second winter hike and it was so slippery we took a lot of painful falls. When we got towards the top it is a super tough push to the top of bare rock face. Super beautiful! A little strenuous towards to the top and too icy to be not prepared. We will definitely be more prepared for our winter endeavors but this was an overall tiring day. The view was absolutely spectacular and probably better than a 4000footer we climbed in September. Overall moderate hike, we took about an hour and a half due to being unprepared and out of breath but this would obviously be better had it not been icy!

Up the West ridge....great hike, not hard, surface today great for spikes (no snowshoes needed). Top was windless!! Perfect day! Awesome 360' view to all the great ski areas all around. Down South Ridge. Hike up only took 1.5 hours. Easy

Very easy hike for kiddos and whole family with 360 views. I try and do this one at least once a year. With my niece and nephew it takes 50 minutes up (they are not hikers) the views are amazing; specially for the quick hike up! Also a great hike to try for a sunset hike as the way down isn't too strenuous (I do suggest head lamps and flash lights just to be safe of course) Perfect hike for year round!

All uphill but a great view

Great day hike. Perfect trails for taking your dog or family. Plus alot of good views.

Moderate trail with some rocks to climb on the top. We went around end of September. It was super windy at the stop but amazing view with some fall colors. The rocks might be slippery and icy during winter. Might go for a hike there again with friends. Our dog loved the hike too.

A great view for the short hike that it is! Lovely on a clear fall day. A nice warm layer recommended

Great hike with spectacular views from the rocky summit. Don't forget to bring your windbreaker!! Thanks to Craig for keeping the trails clean- and for pointing out which mountains were which at the top!

Great views and not super difficult. It's a quick hike. There's a fire tower, too.