Fabulous. Challenging, wild, and 360 degree view from the top.

An incredible hike. I'd rate it on the top end of moderate in terms of difficulty, but so worth it. The 360 views from the summit were brilliant. Can't wait to do it again!

This was a challenging hike for sure! It's all uphill from start to finish and about a quarter of the way to the summit is all large slabs of rock at an insane incline! When I thought I was at the summit I would turn the next corner and there were more! Don't let me scare you though the view is insanely beautiful. I could spent all night there. This was my second mountain this week , if you're a beginner I would save this for your 5th or 6th lol!!

1 month ago

awesome trails and beautiful view from the top! very Rocky and alot tougher then excited. lots of people! had camera stolen from parking area after leaving it for less then 20 mins

Beautiful views busy trail, I would have enjoyed less people and dogs