Hiked on 10/15/17. Warm October day with great fall color. Small parking area so we parked along the road. The trail is easy and wide. Lots of folks with their dogs. The view at the top is very nice but not as open as you might think. Terrific walk as we were traveling through the area but I wouldn't go 2 hours out of my way for the hike...

3 months ago

Nice hike among the rocks and trees! Trail is easy to follow and the view at the top is beautiful. worth the time for sure :).

Beautiful & an pretty easy hike! Swing by the pond & take a dip, you won't regret it!

Great place for Springtime hiking. It is a steady workout! Views are worth it too.

Please be sure to see the comment below from Anthony Scott. There are TWO different trails that people are reviewing here. The trail that leaves from Rice Farm Rd. at the West River is steep with some rocks and roots. Small children will find this a tough climb. I'd say most 3rd graders would handle it, depnding on the amount of exertion they are willing to undertake. I had some middle schoolers who were not willing to finish it.
The second trail that people are describing here, thinking it is the only one, leaves from the trailhead on Black Mtn. Road. There is a rail fence and entry there. That trail goes to a separate peak. The trail is wide, ascends very gradually, is well-groomed, and leads to very nice views....much better than on the peak farther to the northwest.
If you have a family and prefer a shorter, gradual climb with good views, THIS is the one you want.
Of course, as Anthony said, you could just do the whole loop!

4 months ago

5 months ago

Nice 2 hour hike. Elevation might be tough for kids, so wouldn't call it a family outing, unless you have kids who have done uphill trails before. Beautiful forest flora and fauna.