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Good place to watch a sunset.

I just did this hike by accident! I knew about the falls at the beginning of the trail and went to just check that out, but started up the trail out of curiosity and just... kept going. It was a cold and rainy day so I only encountered one other person on the trail and there was no view at the summit to speak of since it was clouded in, but despite all that I really enjoyed the hike. The trail is wide and very clearly marked, with a gentle but steady incline and a few steeper spots. Even though I was unprepared to hike and just in jeans and Bean boots, I was fine, even in the muddy and rocky sections. Beautiful woods.

Beautiful outlook over Brattleboro and surrounding mountains. The trail was really rocky and wet in spots so be careful if there's been a lot of rain:)

Great to hike up or around! Rock walls not required to climb but climable. Doable hiking for all ages! Perfect for families! Also, the trail that takes you through the side of the mountain has little cut off unmarked trails that take you to the clean, swimmable and fishable water! It's not bad to camp either!

5 months ago

This morning I hiked up from Rice Farm Rd. Great hike. But from the top there is a little "hut" that had a trail down the back. There were a couple of white signs along that trail that said it was private property but hiking allowed. I cant seem to find any maps with that trail on it. I eventually came out on Black Mountain Rd. (fortunately my wife texted me shortly after I got down and she came and returned me to my car. BUT the top half of that trail was the most spectacular environment I've hiked in Vermont ever!

my favorite view of Brattleboro/New Hampshire

Pretty forest and some variety of trail with some boulders and rock at the top. . Interesting abandoned structures at top. No real great views or sense of arriving at the top. Some good steep parts for cardio. Very well marked. Very lightly traveled. I almost never see another person and hike here regularly as it is very near my house. Good in snow—trail is clear.

Nice views at top. There are shortcut trails between the switchbacks which make the hike more interesting and difficult. Great hike in winter snow.

busy usually, but a fun hike up to views of downtown Brattleboro

fun hike with some partial views of Monadnock.

Lots of friendly dogs and their people! Nice hike and can be done in an hour or two with a great view of Brattleboro.

we watched the fourth of July fireworks from the top. it was beautiful

Super view and wide trail with switchbacks! Great for families and dogs that can do the 1000 ft climb. I go every year!

Great view worth the hike. Good botanizing along he way.

Great trail, amazing view!

great hike up to an amazing view any time of year.

Easy hike, good to do with a dog. A little muddy in parts and lots of gnats at the top, but a beautiful view!

This trail is probably on the easier side of moderate. Great view of the Connecticut River and Brattleboro. Watch your footing for loose/slippery rocks. There is a small waterfall at the beginning of the trailhead that is worth hiking up the hill to check out.

great loop trail...great workout

Hiked on 10/15/17. Warm October day with great fall color. Small parking area so we parked along the road. The trail is easy and wide. Lots of folks with their dogs. The view at the top is very nice but not as open as you might think. Terrific walk as we were traveling through the area but I wouldn't go 2 hours out of my way for the hike...

Nice hike among the rocks and trees! Trail is easy to follow and the view at the top is beautiful. worth the time for sure :).

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Beautiful & an pretty easy hike! Swing by the pond & take a dip, you won't regret it!

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Great place for Springtime hiking. It is a steady workout! Views are worth it too.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Please be sure to see the comment below from Anthony Scott. There are TWO different trails that people are reviewing here. The trail that leaves from Rice Farm Rd. at the West River is steep with some rocks and roots. Small children will find this a tough climb. I'd say most 3rd graders would handle it, depnding on the amount of exertion they are willing to undertake. I had some middle schoolers who were not willing to finish it.
The second trail that people are describing here, thinking it is the only one, leaves from the trailhead on Black Mtn. Road. There is a rail fence and entry there. That trail goes to a separate peak. The trail is wide, ascends very gradually, is well-groomed, and leads to very nice views....much better than on the peak farther to the northwest.
If you have a family and prefer a shorter, gradual climb with good views, THIS is the one you want.
Of course, as Anthony said, you could just do the whole loop!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Nice 2 hour hike. Elevation might be tough for kids, so wouldn't call it a family outing, unless you have kids who have done uphill trails before. Beautiful forest flora and fauna.

Monday, October 24, 2016

This trail is lovely, easy and suitable for most ages and fitness levels. The views are great at the top and in the warmer seasons a great place to catch a sunset. You can see Monadnock if you're standing where the old cabin used to be. I did see that several people thought the views weren't that great. I completely disagree and I recommend walking around the rocky areas at the top for some less obstructed views. A little exploring goes a long way!This is a place where the Leave No Trace principle is sometimes ignored. Lots of carins in one spot along the trail and on our most recent hike we saw an "art installation" that an artist hung from a tree. This can be harmful to wildlife and it takes away from the being in nature experience for many. I'm all for expression through art, but please leave your "stamp" out of Mother Nature and let her show you her artistry.

This is a good hike and a good cardio workout, whether you climb straight up or enjoy the switchbacks (which is what we did). The views from the top are great, with down-town Brattleboro and beyond below. Park at the old Walmart closer to the stores that are still in business as car break-ins are common. Don't leave anything valuable in your car and don't leave any change in your ashtray or console visible.

Friday, August 26, 2016

There are two ways to access Black Mountain and it seems like some people are reviewing the shorter trail, while some people reviewing the trail listed here. Black Mountain is a horseshoe shape, with a peak at each end. The trail that is listed here (starting at Rice Farm Rd) is progressive for the first half, but pretty steep until it levels off on top. They are beautiful boulders everywhere and the trail is maintained very well. You can see Mountain Laurel and all different colors of granite on the way to the top. Black Mountain is a very unique environment to southern Vermont. In the summer there are blueberries and newts, and all sorts of fun things to see.The peak for the trail that is it listed on this site is rocky and surrounded by trees, but there are some very nice views of Mount Monadnock and of the other side of Black Mountain.

At the top if you look around you'll find a trail that goes to the other side of the mountain and there is smaller peak along the way. This is a very nice trail. It will eventually connect with the other trail which is wider and more groomed, and is more traveled. You can access this from Black Mountain Road. This trail is shorter and can be done in about 30 minutes from the trailhead to the peak.The views here are very nice as you can see Mount Monadnock and all along the West River. There are also a lot of ways to bound down the giant rocks and boulders and do some fun exploring here.

Where the Black Mountain Road trail takes a sharp turn toward the peak, there is another trail off to the right (facing uphill). This is also where you would connect if you came from the other side. If you take this trail and keep left it will go down a steep incline and will travel basically down through the inside of the horseshoe shape. There are fern forests, streams and waterfalls, old quarries with giant granite boulders balancing on one another, and ponds along this trail. It's very beautiful. Eventually this trail will meet up with the trail that is marked on this map (Rice Farm Rd), at the sign-in booth.

If you do this entire loop, it will take a few hours but it is very fun and worth the trip. It is a good hike for people of all skill levels, and the trail leading off Black Mountain Road can be a very fun one for kids and families.

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