4 days ago

This is a rail trail I runs from Newbury harbor to Bradford. The lake referred to is Lake Sunapee. It's a nice walk MOuntan Road to South street is 2.5 miles each way. The historic part of the trail known as the cut is between Mountain Road and the harbor. The trail is an easy walk for all.

*****This is not the Andrew Brook Trail which goes up to Lake Solitude and the ledges above.

super quiet. i had a hard time finding the Newbury trail so i went down the street five minutes because i was losing the light. I'll be back for sure

hiked here with my kids. love this view and couldnt wait to show it too them. Just a great spot to go to

22 days ago

Moderate hike. Good preparation for 4000 footers. Dog friendly.

A great hike today. pretty fortunate to have this gem in our back yard.

Lovely at the beginning. Definitely a workout, but lots of small streams crossed, and small waterfalls all along the way. Made it to Lake Solitude which was out of this world. I hiked on a weekday alone and literally saw not one soul all the way to Lake Solitude. I was very much looking forward to the cliffs, however, got completely lost. I kept following the white trail what seemed to be miles, and then checked my location. I ended up heading about halfway down the Monadnock-Sunappee Greenway. I was super frusterated that I needed to turn around and retrace my steps but I then saw someone had painted "Scenic View" on a rock. I took the turn to at least get something positive out of my mistake. I think this could have been Lucia's Lookout? Honestly not sure.... I then noticed that the red paint continued, and someone had marked a trail down from the ledge that said "Trail to Mountain Road" which is where I parked! Instead of retracing my entire way back, I took the chance, and followed this mysterious red trail. THANK YOU TO WHOEVER MARKED IT. Although very steep in spots, and not technically a trail, I made it back down to mountain road. (Had to cross a sketch pond). I am thankful for this adventure, however would not necessarily recommend to anyone. I plan to revistit this summer to find the ledges, and actually reach the summit!!!

Great view from the top!! Wear waterproof boots, as there are brooks and mud on the trail.

Perfect weather. Very few insects. Very nice.

Hiked this trail this am. Had a great time and the views were incredible! Thanks to my wife for suggesting we go hiking! Our first hike.

May 1,2017
My 1st hike. Beautiful!

A nice hike. Pretty steep early on but levels out nice the higher you get. The veiw of the lake at the top was well worth the hike and I highly recommend this hike to anyone. like others have said keep going beyond the lake and up to the cliffs for an amazing sight. I will do this again.

3 months ago

Got crowded through the day. Lake solitude and the cliffs are a great hike. Wouldn't do the hike to Sunapee Summit again

Quick hike with a decent reward. Continue to the ledges for a great view!