No dogs allowed, don’t care to come back.

Quick walk with my dog during LAX practice, just looped back around by way of the docks at St. Paul's followed the dirt road till it came back out by the turf field. then followed the paved unused road back to the car parking near silk farm road.

Great walk, did some fishing & saw 2 deers. Had my dog on leash.

Very well marked and easy hike. National Audubon Society is right there with educational birds of prey, so nice way to finish off the hike with the kids.

Nice hike . Trail rides along the lake with beautiful vuews. It loops around (yellow trail) takes about 1 hour. 1.3 miles approx.

Very nice short trail and beautiful view

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Nice easy walk through well-maintained trails and lovely woods. Pretty marsh views. the ~1.2 mile yellow dot trail took less than 45 minutes.

the trails are well marked, some nice short trails and one long one

Nice little walk. Saw some frogs. Good for kids or just something to do.

My kids and myself really enjoyed it here. Trails are marked very well and the maps were frequent. My kids loved the teepees and the tree house. Lots of roots were my only concern but my little guy who is 2 held my hand often and all was well.