What a crazy hike! Very steep and made interesting with the steep rock slabs which fortunately were dry. The whole trail was dry, no creek etc. There were a few mud spots towards the top but no issues crossing. The summit peak is small and did start to get over crowded as everyone wanted to eat their lunch. But I got my pictures and snacks in before heading back. There is a random car at the beginning of the trail. Another really hot and humid day with minimal to zero breeze.

Parking disclaimer - We were the 1st ones that pulled up to the trail head which is in a neighborhood. Sign clearly states no parking but no other sign to say "park here" so we ended up parking on Mill street and crossed the suspension bridge. When we left we saw a bunch of people had chosen to park in grass area near a few houses and then along the road near the suspension bridge. It would have been nice to see a sign "hikers park here" etc. I was nervous to get towed by angry homeowner so I went with the parking lot near the soccer park.

Slippery after rain on the way down. Slid a good 10 feet. More aggressive on the way up versus the easy/moderate grade I was told prior.

Nice solid hike. Lots of flat rock surfaces would be very challenging if wet I'd assume. Lots of great views along the way and a 360 off the tiny peak of Moriah. A good day all around except my knees. The decent put some strain on them but that is part of hiking The Whites in your 40s :)

Extremely well marked. Lots of blazes. Nice and steep - a good challenge for a short hike. Great views from Mount Surprise.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lots of vertical rock face, which is fine in dry weather. Beware on wet days.

The view features 360 panorama; beautiful.