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Steep. The inclines are very steep and covered with ice.

Pretty strenuous on the steep portions, but with no real views and pretty much nonexistent trail markings I won’t be doing this one again.

Pine Bend Brook Trail wasn’t bad at all but Sabbaday Brook Trail was just terrible, we did most of it at night and once you start crossing the brook (7 or 8 times!) you have to search for the trail almost every time because there’s no cairn or obvious blaze to mark the stream crossing exit. After what turned out to be the last crossing we searched for the trail without any luck, until we decided to just bushwhack by dead reckoning and staying near the brook. 10 minutes or so later we came to the wide portion of the trail, and found that the trail was closed for maintenance. Ya think? It just doesn’t seem like it’d be too much trouble for someone to hike it with a couple cans of spray paint every year and refresh the blazes.

The steep portion of Sabbaday Brook Trail (the first 1/2 mile of the descent) is crazy steep - over 1000’ in 1/2 mile - and looks like it’d be almost suicidal in the rain. It was definitely a challenge going down.

The challenge is really this trail’s only strong point, if you’re not hiking the 4Ks then don’t bother.

7 months ago

To even get to the trailhead you'll probably need a FWD/AWD vehicle. It's a steep dirt road with a lot of bumps, rocks and potholes. As for the hike itself, the first mile-ish was very challenging. Be prepared to go straight up some cliffs -- not recommended for those afraid of heights. Once you get past that part it flattens out with some easy up and downs. It's a very pretty hike and I didn't see one other person but there aren't really any good views from the top.

I'm 65 and haven't really done much hiking in years, if not decades! Went with my 20 and 30 something kids. Some stretches going up were quite steep and it's pretty much uphill from the start. There is a nice viewing point well below the summit. I decided to save my remaining leg strength for the trip down and stopped at 3600 feet or about 300 feet below the summit. Probably didn't need to, as going down proved easier than I expected. Much of it by a brook. Nice. Old guys, give it a go, but pace yourselves!

8 months ago

What a great hike! I'm still feeling it in my knees today. The first 1.25 miles or so are very steep, with an elevation gain of about 2000 feet. From there it's pretty easy until you get about 1/2 mile from the summit, where it gets steep again. The trail is pretty narrow, with lots of rocks and roots to slip on and trip over. The trail could be marked better, most of the blazes I saw were pretty faded.

The summit is really anticlimactic given the effort to reach it, but you do have a good view of the eastern end of Waterville Valley and Mt. Tripyramid. There are also a couple ledges on the way that offer good views, though obviously from lower elevations. If you're not too tired I recommend taking the steep 0.2 mile trail to ~3460' Jennings Peak, with its great views to the west.

I took Sandwich Mountain Trail both ways, but according to the map the Drakes Brook Trail looks to be relatively moderate until about 1/2 mile from the summit. Maybe I'll take that trail if I hike the mountain again.

All in all a great hike, challenging and physically punishing for this out of shape 48 year old guy.

10 months ago

Don't go to Mt. Mexico road as there is no trailhead located there as the map indicates. You need to park on 113A at the big rock cave or cabin trailhead both start at the same place. The loop trail is about 7.5 miles following the route we took. About 2500 feet of elevation gain total. All Trails is not accurate so if your following the map there are trails that don't appear on the app. And also it looks like your off trail most of the time. All trails have blue blazes on them and some are few and far between. The views to the south and west are nice near the top. Nice trails look lightly traveled.

very beautiful Trail the forest changed from pines to beautiful beach nut trees back to pines beautiful rolling Falls throughout the entire wilderness the end had a very steep climb to a trail that ended with no views only disappointed about that the rest of the trail was absolutely beautiful

This trail had some unexpected challenges. We left 5/17 and it was in the 90s at base. The ascent to Passaconaway was relentless, the. The decent into Whiteface brought waist high snow drifts. We ended up camping out two nights after trudging up the bleak Sleepers trail to the Tripyramids. From there down Sabbaday was a good hike with stunning views and well worth the blood and sweat.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sandwhich Hill road that this trail was off of was closed for winter. There was a small pullover area though so I parked and walked up the road to the trail anyways. The road was heavily packed down from snowmobilers and very steep.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Great winter hike, we got a neat perspective from Jennings even with the clouds. Very steep terrain but we managed with microspikes.

Nice hike, not a lot of views, but quiet.

Challenging. I descending from the Tripyramids. There were numerous stream crossings. I did it last year when the water was hight.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Blazes are very faint and trail is hard to see at times.

Beautiful hike. Steep incline for the first mile but then it evens out on the ridge line. The trail is easy to follow but doesn't look like it sees much use. When you get to the intersection w/ the Doublehead trail definitely take a left and follow it for a short bit. The view from the rock ledge is breathtaking.

Hiking the tripyramids from this trail will give you some challenges, the trial is barely marked, the yellow blazes are worn or hard to see, you must cross the sabbaday brook 4 times so be observant for where the trail picks up again on the other side, one part of the trail after a long straight section seems to lead you out onto a clear island next to the stream but the trail is a sharp left before this, always back track if you lose trail. Getting to the ridge it becomes rocky and very steep leading to the summit sign, I hiked down at night and required a lot of my seances of direction, I had to be observant and stop to search for a blaze or pink tape, It was a treat to see sabbaday falls at the end giving me a feeling of relief.

Love it!

Interesting seldom used trail. Starts up fairly steeply right from the start. At about 0.7 miles takes a sharp right up a series of somewhat challenging ledge scrambles and then continues steeply to the ridgetop. The next mile is failry flat with a dip down to a saddle and climb back up to the summit of Doublehead. There is an area of puncheons and they are in poor condition; stepping on the end of one resulted in the opposite end rising into the air. There is an interesting view north which includes a great close up view of the ledges of Welch ad Dickey loop trail I highly recommend continuing past the summit to the junction with the Doublehead Trail and following that trail down 0.1 miles to a ledge with extensive views to the south including everything in an arc from the Ossippee Mountians to Mounts Morgan and Percival. The trail is in very good condition. It appears that it gets more use by moose than by people. They are keeping the hobblebush and moose maples cropped back along the trail. There were moose tracks in all the muddy areas and moose poop everywhere.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Today was a humid day and it has been raining on and off for a week before this hike and the trails were showing it. Slippery rocks, roots and it looks like it does not get much sun on this trail. I won't be going on this trail again, not much for views and lots of moss on the rocks. The pictures I took was from Jenning peak, which is on the way to Sandwich Dome. Sandwich Dome peak was disappointing, narrow views and not much room for hikers (4 comfortably).

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