They put a bridge over 101.

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9 months ago

Rode the trail from where it crosses Pine St. in West Swanzy north to Keen, just about 6 miles each way.

The trail surface is very good; crushed gravel. The only inconvenience is the occasional chipmunk hole. For some reason they are digging holes in the middle of the trail :-).

The scenery is nice, but nothing special for the region. There are a few views of the Ashuelot River on bridge crossings.

There is a new bridge for the trail that takes you over Rt. 101/12, so there is no longer difficulty with that crossing as noted in an earlier post.

All in all an enjoyable ride.

Friday, July 11, 2014

I parked at Colony Mill Marketplace shopping plaza in downtown Keene. Headed south on the paved rail trail. Encountered a crew running brush cutting equipment right from the start. You will have to take your life into your own hands trying to cross route 101. I can't believe they didn't even put in a cross walk here. Crazy dangerous crossing that took many minutes of waiting and a final brave sprint across traffic. Next time I would seek out parking south of 101 to ride this trail. Nice ride from here into West Swanzey. At Railroad street, the trail turned into a big bunch of mud traps. Take what you like, but I was looking for a fast ride to avoid deer flies, and I opted to bypass on N Grove Street to what I hoped would be another better maintained stretch of the trail. What I found was less maintained double and single track with tall weeds, sand, and more deep mud holes. Awesome if that's what you're looking for, but the deer flies were horrible at that slower pace. Great ride with lots of variety, but it isn't for beginners after Swanzey. I encountered tracks from the brush mowing machines everywhere on the full stretch I rode. Perhaps that factors into all of the mud holes. But they were plentiful, and the mud stunk like poo.

9 months ago

10 months ago