Great trail, not strenuous , views from the peak of the Presidentials. My wife and I hiked this in about 3 hrs with a break at the top. We didn’t see another soul from top to bottom!!

Good trail. Well marked. Didn’t notice a loop, but I did go on a few side trails and saw some cool stuff.

Okay, this is actually a really beautiful trail, in particular the vistas from the Bulkhead and the ledges just before the balancing rock, but I don't recommend unless (A) You're a pretty experienced hiker (I am not)(B) You love being covered in spiderwebs and mauled by bugs and mud/leaf debris up to your ankles and scratched to bleeding bits by trees. (I do not).

It's really not a well-marked or maintained trail from the start. Park at Proctor at the end of Fieldhouse Lane and walk up the dirt/gravel path past tennis courts on your right. Pre-Bulkhead, it's mostly cairns and wooden signs. Between Bulkhead-Balancing-Rocks and SRKG there are yellow tags. The most confusing parts for me were the initial turn off a logging trail (There was a turn off that splits in two, you want the middle one), a trek through a mud puddle where the turn off from another widish trail is overgrown), and several parts between the Bulkhead and Balancing Rock. Most involve ledges. The worst involved 3 pink rocks that look like markers and are not. Do not follow them down and left. Fight your way up and right through blueberry bushes until you see more yellow marks.

I skipped the Ragged portion and turned around once I hit the SRK Greenway because I was running out of sunlight. I did run into 3 black bears on the trail (A mama and two cubs) about a mile from the trailhead, so be watchful!

grade a hike

This hike starts from PRIVATE land! I followed the directions from AllTrails and was excited from the other reviews but we had to turn back after confirming that there was nowhere for us to park and no marked trail head

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hiked the out and back to the two Ragged peaks. I thought the trail was well marked and well maintained, easy to follow. I wanted loop out towards the Bulkhead, that will have to happen next time

Not a very well marked odd mix of cairns, wood plaques and blazes. The problem is the frequency is very low and there has been a lot of additional "social" paths that branch from this loop. Might be easier to navigate as a bike, but trail running was a challenge due to signing issues. Great terrain! Several high angle sections really add intensity to an an objective that almost always seems to be gaining elevation! It was an adventure...

Attempted to hike this trail from the New Canada road on 11/6/16.
The trail starts off very wide as it was used for logging a few years ago. About 1/2 mile in the trail bears right, off the logging road. It is marked, but all six of us missed this and kept walking. We never made it to the top. If you get to an area on the right that was clearcut you've gone too far. People have laid branches across the logging road where it turns right, but we did not notice them as the logging road is covered with sticks and branches. Looked like a giant brush hog ran through it widening the trail for logging.

Ragged mountain is very fun and a beautiful trail for familys.

3 months ago

Sunday, September 24, 2017