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Super easy trail up to Zealand Falls Hut. Along this first 2.8 miles you travel gentle grades as it follows an old rail road bed. Upon entering the beaver pond area wildlife is abundant and the landscape is draped it beautiful autumn colors! The next 1.3 miles to Zeacliff is much steeper with many large boulders to work around. There is even a ladder to scale your way up a very steep almost vertical granite wall. The view from Zeacliff is amazing. From here you can see Mt. Washington in the distance with the distinct round hump of Mt. Eisenhower in the foreground. Mt. Carrigain towers into the sky and if you use binoculars you can even see the firetower on the summit. You also get a view of the rugged cliffs of Whitewall Mountain with Ethan Pond just beyond. As I continued on, bog bridges helped keep things dry as I passed through the col between Zeacliff and onward and upward to the summit of Zealand Mountain 1.6 miles from Zeacliff. Although the summit is treed in it is still a great trip, and a cool summit sign! I read where others described the trip from the cliff to the summit as boring or nondescript, I did not find this to be the case. On this final leg of the ascent there is yet another marked view point and you can take a side trip to the shores of Zealand Pond. There are also much rare plant growth and wildlife along the way. Overall a great day out and another 4K conquered!!! Took me 6 hours total with approx. 1-1/2 hours of breaks & exploration.

Did the 32 mile loop clockwise in one day. Didn’t hit Zealand or North Twin. Started at 3 am and ended at 8:45 pm. Long, grueling, and hardest 1 day hike I’ve ever done. Did the 1 day presi a couple months before this and it was much easier. If you’re doing in one day prepare to carry a lot of food and water weight as you really only have one guaranteed spot to refill on the loop. If you go clockwise the Garfield ridge is hard but your toughest climb of the day will be to South Twin, straight up right after you’ve refilled your water and food at Galehead hut. I would love to do this again over a few days but wanted to get the 1 day Pemi and 1 day presi done in the same year. Follow me on Ig for pics and hiking updates @packandpeak

Bond and Bond Cliffs are a must for anyone who enjoys the mountains. It’s a long trip from either side, but the railroad grade from this side is the fastest way into the base of the mountain.

Excellent hike! Beautiful views from each peak which are worth the effort. The hike was very rugged and it pays to have good spirits and strong legs. We completed a counterclockwise loop starting both days around 4:30am. Day 1 was a successful 18+mile day, which set us up for a shorter second day. Garfield was slow going and easily the most difficult part of the hike. We finished day 2 before noon as we were able to cruise after summiting Flume. Water was very accessible; we carried at least 3L and refilled at Guyot, Galehead, and Garfield. Overall, a phenomenal experience with even better friends.

Did this trail yesterday. Fall colors are terrific. Stopped at Bond cliff as we had to do it as an out and back in a day. It may seem long but there are long sections that are very flat (heading in toward Zealand hut and back out) West Bond was my favorite view point. Not a lot of folks on the trail.

Unbelievable hike! We went clockwise and did the loop in 3 days. Later start a little before noon our first day, Camped at Liberty Springs Tentsite the first night. We stealth camped a little after Galehead Hut with permission from the Galehead hutmaster on our second night. We went back to Galehead hut in the morning to make breakfast and to get out of the rain for a bit. Spending a couple hours at Galehead hut resulted in a later start on our third day causing us to have to skip Zealand and north twin additional peaks in order to finish in the 3 days we had allotted. It may be possible to do the full pemi loop + Zealand, North Twin and West Bond in 3 very long days if you are in extremely good shape and don’t stop too much to take it in. I will do this again and take 4 days, 3 nights to do all peaks and have the time to enjoy them. This is a grueling 32.5 miles for the shortest loop, but it features the top 2 in my opinion best 360 degree ridge lines in the entire north east (Franconia and Bond ridge) As an avid hiker, I would recommend taking 4 full days to thoroughly experience what is probably the best multi day hike in New England. It can be done in 3, or less but it is an extreme challenge, in my opinion much more difficult than the Presidential Traverse. That being said, you will probably run into trail runners somehow doing it in a single day. Overall an absolute must do for anyone that wants to spend a few days surrounded by some of the most dramatic views in New England.

Super fun and my Australian cattle dog had a lot of fun too. Pretty steep after you go past the hut but it’s well worth the view.

For a 50+ hiker, 4 days, 3 nights was perfect. Hammock camping made it even better! Liberty Spring, Garfield, and Guyot Tentsites all had good trees to hang from. At Guyot, we would of had to go an overflow spot had we not had hammocks. We set up right next to the shelter per the caretakers instructions on a steep slope. I had to "daisy chain" a couple of 4" trees with straps to get good support. On the trail there were great people with great stories and quite a few AT through hikers. Watching for the Pemi-Loop trail runners as they breezed by us on our third day with the realization they had come from the Lincoln Woods parking lot that morning was quite humbling.
The most challenging part of the trail was the Twinway which just goes up,up, up. Breaking out at the summit is a great emotional relief rewarded with a 360 degree view. Spectacular hike! I hope to do it again someday. Hi to Chuck and Jay from CT from the guy with a twisted ankle :-)

nice moderate hike. Really cool going up to the hut and the falls. otherwise, with the exception of the cliff, it's just a nondescript hike up to the wooded summit. about six hours round-trip incl a few stops.

8-25-18. Great day to be out on this hike. Non stop views that took my breath away.

Sprained my ankle halfway and still had a phenomenal day.

Amazing loop. Pay attention to the weather above 4K before going. Safety first. High exposure up top. Trails are well maintained.

Excellent views even in the rain. Difficult hike, but well worth it.

Very easy up to the hut but after that it was a bit difficult to the peak. No view at the peak so if you're looking for a pretty semi difficult hike i would try something else.

Went in the fall, so beautiful. Had soup up in the hut. Definitely recommend this hike!

Fun hike! Usually wooded summits aren’t particularly exciting but the trail itself is so beautiful that I didn’t mind hiking into the middle of the woods to turn around and go back. The huts are always a treat, too. My favorite part was the blueberry bushes on the top between Zeacliff and the summit.

Total trip including breaks took me 5 hours and 35 mins. The first 2.8 to the hut is very flat and took me 1 hour on the way up and 35 mins on the way back (I ran). The trail from the hut to the cliff (1.2) is the most difficult part of the hike and took me 1 hour up and 45 min down. It flattens out again to the summit and that 1.6 took me 1 hour there and 45 min back.

I was skeptical about the easy rating but this really was an easy hike.

We did it in 2 days, 53km (we went the wrong way for 5km ). Very nice hike but not that easy as we did a lot of km each day. Views on the 7 summits are breathtaking. Don’t worry for the water, there’s a lot of place to refill all the way to Galehead Shelter. Make sure to have enough water at this point because the next water supply is on the way down. So you must have at least 2L from galehead to the end of the hike ( if you do it in 2 days ). Many campsite are available all the way. Make sure to not have to much weight in your backpack and hike sticks. For the rest, you must be in shape to do this trail. Definitely recommend.

Hike starts off easy but long, once you get to the hut you are able to cool off in the falls. Pretty strenuous hike up to the outlook but has a nice view. I don’t recommend going to Zealand summit unless your completing the 48 4K mountains, it’s a long boring hike with absolutely no view.

Easy hike to the hut with a lot of wildlife and flowers. The trail to the peak was a little harder with some cools view.

Very good hike. Past the hut is very rocky and not an easy hike you need poles. After the view at Zea Cliff you continue on Trailway trail to get to Zealand summit. It is confusing at the junction where Zealand trail heads to Ethan Lake so I did not make it to the summit but turned back.

Best part was seeing a moose!

Top 2 most difficult hikes I have done; I would not attempt this unless you’re in good shape and are an experienced backpacker. The reward for the difficulty are 7 amazing views atop some of the most gorgeous peaks in the north east. Did it two days highly recommend.

Tip: water is scarce between lafayette and last tent site so be prepared before you summit lafayette

Got a late start and turned around at the hut. We thought the portions of the river were nicer below and at the lower portion of the waterfall (just before the last section to the hut) were nicer for hanging out because of all the people near the hut / falls. My husband skipped the last and only steep rocky hull to the hut as it was our second hike of the day. Lovely trail.

This trail was awesome ! My wife and I had a great time ! Highly recommend!

Great 3 day hike. Took a couple guys out there for their first time backpacking and they had a blast. Make sure you have enough water containers and know where to refill. And remember leave no trace!!

I would not consider this an easy trail. Some parts are easy but others are very rocky. beautiful scenery and the falls are worth the hike. I didn't go any further than the falls.

Definitely one of the prettier trails I've done! But I think something needs to be made crystal clear: The Zealand trail to the AMC hut is the easy part. In NO way is the Zeacliff trail beyond it to the summit of Mt Zealand considered easy. It's definitely a steep, rocky and moderate trail. My friend and I were one of the few people who tackled it without trekking poles and while I don't think they are necessary it's clear many others did.

The cliff has a lovely view and the day was utterly perfect! the trail was beautifully maintained but the number of bridges was a surprise. A really pretty hike on a trail that was not overly busy. Definitely recommend.

No way it's rated easy! past the hut is on the difficult side of moderate. nice view from the cliff and the hut, small pile of rocks and a sign on the summit.

Amazing hike with the best views coming from MT Garfield.. .Not recommended for newbies or out of shape hikers. .My hiking partner and I started clockwise finishing coming down the 4.9 mile trail off bond cliff then the long 8 miles on the Lincoln wood trail to the Parking lot...Next will be the Presidential Traverse

This was an amazing trail that offers spectacular views from every peak. We did this in 4 days and 3 nights. Starting at Bondcliff made for an 11 mile first day, but was manageable with the gradual incline from Lincoln Woods. We added on the West Bond and Galehead summits to this trip as well. The dip between Garfield and Lafayette is long and difficult. The ridge is has views that are breath taking, but watch your footing with the wind that happens. The ridge seems to go forever and your thankful when you have tree cover again.
Currently between Haystack and Liberty there are 100+ trees down, slowing the pace and making the trail more interesting.
Overall, it is a difficult hike but worth every sore muscle in the end.

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