Decent hike. First two miles are flat and easy and the remaining three miles, while a fair grade, were along a narrow and rocky trail, which was difficult to navigate at times.

Oh owl's head. The first eight miles are a breeze but the water crossings are plentiful and require a lot of attention to be paid. The 1.5 mile ascent from the base of the mountain is extremely steep, loose, and dangerous. The trail is unmaintained so after the rock scrambling, the trail is overgrown and seems more like a bushwhack at times.

Definitely tested my newbie stamina!! Way fun. Camped overnight at Guyout.

I'll start off by saying the sights at the top make everything worth it. Absolutely breathtaking-- 360 degrees of beautiful views of mountains while you gaze on top of a fire watch tower. 5/5 experience once you reach that ridge and up to the summit. However, the path there is a SLOG. The first mile is a stroll through the forest with beautiful views of creeks and waterfalls (we even dipped in at the end of the hike). The next three miles are a long, steep journey mostly on broken rocks with very little to no views because of the thickness of the surrounding forest-- this really detracted from our experience. Despite this, though, we could hardly be angry with how gorgeous the view at the top is.
We also brought a medium sized dog who handled the trail very well.

No view at the summmit very pissed off . But the view at the cliff is amazing so if you see the sign that says view just go there

Great hike. Not strenuous but has some minor stream crossings and rocky path requiring sure-footedness. Go to the hut for a nice view.

Breathtaking views !

3 months ago

Great, great loop. Can really kick your butt if you aren't prepared for the level of intensity, but you'll be rewarded with great views and some great campsites.