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Pawtuckaway State Park is located in the Nottingham area of New Hampshire. With a variety of landscapes to display, including the 803-acre Lake Pawtuckaway, glacial erratics, forest, and a large wetland area, and activities such as hiking, kayaking, boating, camping, and mountain biking, this is a great place that has something for all visitors. The 5,500 acre park contains many miles of hiking trails, including the popular South Mountain Peak which leads to a fire tower at the top. Along this hike you will also see a boulder field with large boulders and ledges to explore. The park also contains a large wetland area which provides great wildlife viewing opportunities. Visitors may observe a variety of birds, including song birds, great blue herons, and waterfowl, as well as turtles and beavers. You may even see a deer or moose. On the shoreline of Pawtuckaway Lake is Pawtuckaway State Park Campground. The campground has 195 wooded camping sites that provide a parking spot, a picnic table, a fireplace, and a tent area. There are no RV hookups, however RVs are welcome to park at the campground. Other amenities include a camp store and coin operated showers that are open 24 hours a day. From the campground, it is a quick drive to nearby coastal beaches and Manchester, providing easy access to activities and sites outside of the park. Water enthusiasts can enjoy the nearby boat launch and the canoe and paddle boats available for rent. There is also an 800 foot beach great for the whole family. Whether you are visiting for the day or an multi-day overnight camping trip, you will certainly enjoy all of the popular pastimes the park has to offer.

A fairly standard hike through the woods. There were a few tiny scrambles, but nothing too difficult. There were periodic ledges with nice views, but mostly just a lot of woods.

2 months ago

Great Day!

2 months ago

Crisp day. Gorgeous area. Trails not well blazed but easy to see where others have tramped through the woods. Amazing rock areas with numerous climbers that day.

Took me 2 hrs 15 min to complete loop. After storm there were lots of trees down. First half of loop (going clockwise) is a bit more challenging to find footing. Second half easy walking on old road. Lots of leaves on ground in fall made it a bit slippery. Boulder field at the far end of the loop.

The full loop took 5.5 hours with some resting and a quick lunch. The rest was hiked at a relatively brisk pace. Careful during winter. We started at 1:15 and by 6:30 it was pitch black. Bring headlamps in winter. Went through 2L of water. Many people on this trail, and scenery was nice but nothing to write home about. Would have preferred fewer people. We did this one for the exercise. Great smells abound and silence is soothing during the pockets of time when no one is close by.

BEAUTIFUL, well marked trail with challenging terrain. One of my favorite trails to date.

Great hike. The boulders are amazing!!!

You definitely need to take a map with you AND use this map if going up to the summit. We had to reroute at least three times thanks to the app gps!
Also, there isn’t really a “view” at the top... you won’t miss it- it has the rocks sculpture; that’s where the highest point is.
Other than above, it was a great hike!! We and I ur dogs loved it!

Wonderful trail, but quite trafficated on weekends. Pets are allowed but you cannot access the trail from the main park entrance. Use Reservoir Rd. I posted an alternative loop with pets that is about 4mi and easy.

Great trail loop around north mtn. Did it with my dog and she had fun climbing up the boulders. Some places aren't particularly well marked but overall a great place to wander.

Great short hike with kids, plenty of places to fish, plenty of ways to extend the hike with additional trails.

fun, challenging trail! Wear insect repellant. and check the state park map to be sure of which trails you're taking! the trail was well marked and easy to follow.

this was a good first hike and the views were beautiful

Hard to know where the summits it's not marked. Trails are all marked with the same markings got a little off track... AllTrails works great!!!

Lovely trail. The markings were not the greatest, but with my All Trails maps downloaded, I was able to navigate quite easily. Only one real viewpoint, but it was beautiful. We really enjoyed ourselves. Would definitely go again and maybe do even more!

Loved it. Great moderate hike. Beautiful views. Peaceful. Not crowded. Geology was remarkable.

Was an easy trail. Went with the family, good trail to get you started. Lots of bugs. Out and back, was OK

Nice trail, markers were a bit inconsistent so it's easy to get turned around on some private property, better trail marking would have made this a better experience for sure. Other than that this was a nice hike, not too high up so views are still a bit obstructed by the trees but a fun loop – good workout.

Nice trail, easy at the beginning, moderate at the end. But lot of bugs.

We did a day hike in the area. We started by the beach and went to round pound. Lots of bugs. But it's summer in the woods. We didn't catch any fish even though they were jumping out of the water. There are not many scenic views the way we went. Back and forth took us 5 hours we are not the most athletic people but it is definitely doable for beginners or people with dogs you just need to push yourself!

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