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Tough in the beginning, but scramble eases. Super fun!

This hike is actually 5 mikes, not 4.6. It literally says at the trailhead "Mt Jefferson 2.5 miles" but probably the worst thing you could do going into this hike is be deceived by the Milage as others have pointed out. The only reason I make a point of even pointing out the discrepancy in mileage is because the last .4 is a steep summit push with many false summits and before that are about 5 even steeper rock clusters you literally have to climb like bouldering. Relentless rocky terrain is an understatement and it is super unforgiving on the knees. This is coming from an experience hiker, not a casual one. Don't underestimate the whites. Just know going into it that it's definitely NOT an easy hike because it's short in Milage. Feels like 10. Watched many ppl turn back because they thought it was going to be a short hike. Started around 1 and ended at 8. But spent plenty of time at the summit. As long as you respect the presidential range, the rocky terrain and strong winds/ erratic weather of an alpine environment and the fact that it's the third highest point in the north east crammed into 5 miles then you're ready. That being said bring lots of water and snacks, while trying not to over pack cuz weight and be safe! Also there's more fun hikes in the area that feel about the same length tho they're longer but you get to walk along alpine ridges which is awesome. This ones just sort of an up and back. Enjoy ;)

4 days ago

Above treeline has gorgeous views and once you are surrounded by the forest it's rather peaceful. Bright green moss everywhere and the sun slanting through the trees. An easier trail than the Ammonoosuc, in my opinion.

Enjoyed the hike and the view at top. The last part of the trail is quite rocky but manageable.

A very steep, yet short in length, hike. Lots of rock scrambling. Took me and my mom six hours. Four to summit and two hours back.

Easy trail, but rather boring when below treeline which is more than half of the hike. better choices available.

Very easy mostly stone steps all the way down took us 10 mins at the most to walk down there with a 2 1/2 year old!

I only hiked this trail to the summit of Eisenhower and then continued my journey onwards to Mount Pierce and Mount Jackson. So my review is solely for ascending.

I left the trail head around 8:45 and it was cloudy and misty and cloudy. It was very steep in many areas with rock "staircases".

Very muddy as others mentioned