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best I've done of 4000 footers so far. bouldering up in too third is amazing. false peaks provide almost constant unreal views.

this was amazing beautiful waterfall . it a must must see.so worth it

I have so much to say about this looped trail but I'm still swearing so I will keep it civil and tell everyone that not only is the mileage incorrect, but do not go by anyone's moving time. I took a total of thirty minutes tops for breaks and total time was over 8 hours and yet it shows moving for 3 hours and change. That's BS! From the hut to the end of the Jewel trail was not one break and it took almost five hours!
Plan accordingly and have your ten essentials!

Editing the day after to say: Although this trail kicked my butt, it was beautiful and had breathtaking views. I'm glad I hiked this and it gave me a reality check for my capabilities. This is not the Wapack trail so do not overestimate your abilities and do not take risks. Start early, very early. I hiked two plus hours in the dark because I ended up taking longer to climb up Amonoosuc Ravine trail than I planned. Over 139 people have died on Mt Washington, do not be the next person. Be safe and hike on!

Ammonoosuc Ravine trail is beautiful but challenging in damp weather. plan accordingly to have several water crossings, waterproof boots are a must. We we're in fog/rain but enjoyed the hike up. I wish there were more/better blazes, but it was a bit of a treasure hunt, nothing to panic over.

It's a direct route to the Hut which was nice. After a quick bathroom break we hiked to Monroe. Again, the view is probably amazing, we saw white. We were there, however, for the Flags on the 48, which was cool. Backtracking to the Hut was easy and the hike up to Mt Washington summit was not bad. The boulder fields are rough and I was definitely glad that those were done when we reached the top!

We passes three amazing young 20ish kids lugging 60-90lb packs of food from the summit to the Hut. That made me feel like a fool for complaining about a few silly boulders.

We took this trail down from the summit of Washington after tacking on Mt Clay. the boulder fields at the top were horrible leading to an ankle roll with three miles left to go. Once in the scrub brush and back to the trees the trail was pleasant...but L O N G. The last bit was tough to navigate in the late part of the day as we lost light....then it dumps you into a river crossing! Not my favorite but probably okay for people looking for less steep access to the summit.

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Great for kids!

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An absolutely awesome trail! The trip up will be slow, because if you're like me and my hiking partner you'll constantly be stopping to take pics. The Lakes of the Clouds hut is a great place to stop before heading to the summit of Monroe, and if you started early enough you can head over to Mt Washington afterward. We didn't start early enough, unfortunately.
I'm not in the greatest shape but I found the trail easier than I expected, at least on the ascent. It started raining while we were at the hut after Monroe, and the steep section of the trail took us about 2 hours to descend due to the incredibly slippery rocks. Good shoes or boots are a must, and a staff or trekking pole (2 would be too cumbersome) are recommended as well. If not, choose your steps very carefully.
This is my favorite hike so far, and we will be summiting Washington and Franklin by this route soon!

This trail was awesome! I hiked it August 1 with my dog, and it kicked our asses (in a good way). It was really beautiful in the woods. Once at the treeline, the terrain changed from deep, lush greens to twiggy brush and a steeper climb. then came the boulder field and that was incredible. It's easy to lose sight of the trail at this point because the cairns to mark the trail are made by a pile of rocks in the boulder field, like finding a needle in a haystack. It took us about five hours to reach the summit and once we did the pup's paws were shredded from the uneven path. The view was insanely beautiful and it felt so good to reach the top. Luckily, there was some trail magic and we got help back to the car. It was a beautiful day, really great weather with the most perfect pup in the world!