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Mount Washington State Park, a 60.3-acre parcel perched on the summit of the Northeast's highest peak, is surrounded by the extensive 750,000-acre White Mountain National Forest. On a clear day, views from the 6,288-foot summit extend beyond New Hampshire as far as 130 miles to Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Quebec, and the Atlantic Ocean. The Sherman Adams building, a modern summit building, houses The Sherman Adams Visitor Center, a cafeteria, restrooms, gift shops, the Mount Washington Observatory and its museum. The historic TipTop House is located adjacent to the summit building.

Up and Back via Crawford Path measured 9.4 in the winter, on my GPS.

The trail was in super good condition for hiking, almost like a snow-packed sidewalk. Its a long gradual, moderate incline. Approaching views get better, then you hit Pierce. The world gets small, everything looks amazing, and its time to drop into the alpine trees for 1.1 miles and zig-zag up the side of Eisenhower.

View from Eisenhower are fantastic. They will energize you for the inevitable climb down. This is one of my favorite hikes.

16 days ago

group of us did this hike several years ago in the summer! the views and weather were great, but the pond at the base of the summit was quite cold to swim in. would love to do it again when I visit the east coast.

Great hike! Our only problem was, as we just started on mile 10 a nasty storm rolled in and the group decided to head back down. An hour later it was clear again! I guess that’s mount Washington weather! We had a great day of it though and I recommend the hike to anyone.

Super gorgeous but extremely popular. It's a quick walk from the parking lot with stairs the whole way. Still, it was gorgeous to see and I got some great pictures of the kids!

The Crawford path from the lot to the top of Pierce is an steady moderate grade with little variation. There isn't much along the way but we did see a sign for a waterfall (we did go as we were trying to make good time to have time to summit Washington.) From the top of Pierce to Eisenhower you dip back below tree line for a bit and have a chance to fuel up and change gear if necessary. The ascent up Eisenhower is gradual and wasn't technical. However, it's important to note we did this December 16th so it was completely snow covered. Crampons were necessary. We had planned on summiting Washington but by the time we made it to Franklin th winds were sustained in the 60mph range with some strong gusts. We were forced to turn back. The path to cut around Eisenhower was drifted over and not usable so we went back over Eisenhower and back the way we came. Overall the hike was great. The views are unreal. If you can get to the top of Pierce for sunrise you are in for a real treat.

2 months ago

Short hike of a trail along the edge of the falls.

2 months ago

THE ACCESS ROAD IS CLOSED! This will add a 2 mile hike each way.

Incredible hike but only made it as far as the hut. Beautiful views of the Ammonoosick along the way then once you get to Gem Pool it’s a real slog uphill - not made any easier in early November by the tough snow conditions - lots of holes, water running beneath the snow. Once we got above the tree line the wind really started to whip around and I had water in my boot. Changed socks once but it happened again. Eventually we just had to turn around - not enough daylight left to make it to the summit and back. Still loved this hike. Amazing views back toward Vermont the whole way up.

Fairly long hike but wanted to see boot spur rather than just tuckermans and lion head.

Did this in reverse, plus the section on the road between trailheads. Edmonds had a lot of ice but was fine. All in all, great weather for October. 10/10 would hike again.

Not too shabby. Tiny bit of rain going up. Pretty windy at points, some snow and ice but doable. Continued on to Franklin (very windy), and then down Edmonds and back on the road.

beautiful short hike with amazing fall at the end!

Did this loop in early July. Started on Ammonoosuc and came down Jewel. I preferred going up the steeper, rockier way and coming down with more steps. We accidentally parked at the lower parking lot which added about a mile to our day. We were hurting by the end, but we’ll worth the views and accomplishment at the summit.

great hike. all the people at the top are annoying

3 months ago

great short walk with beautiful views

Went hiking on this trail when the rain was heavy and the summit was cloudy, didn’t make it to the summit but made it to both of the other caps. Will definitely pack lighter next time and bring a buddy, but overall, a great and challenging hike!!!

Great trail with gorgeous views of the falls

This was a very nice hike I would say 4.5 stars. To have the description say very steep is a bit much. We started at Ammanousac or however it is spelled and then hiked up to the lake of the clouds hut. Then went up Monroe which I highly recommend because the top is great and not that crowded. Then we hung at the lake a bit and went up to Washington then down the Jewell trail. The only reason this is getting 4 stars is the top of Washington is horrible. It's a big tourist trap and really stinks. The Jewell trail coming down was amazing and something you should definitely take. Great waterfalls on the trail, great leaf peeping. No real scrambling which was a bit of a disappointment. compared to Katahdin or the Hellbrook trail on Mansfield this was a breeze.

Gorgeous day, a bit of cloud cover but the foliage was amazing and you could still see for miles. Eisenhower is my new favorite! We went up Eisenhower and down Pierce, a little extra trekking because Clinton Road is still impassable via car.

10-5-18 Hiked Huntington Ravine to summit but returned to Pinkham Notch via Boott Spur Trail. Huntington Ravine is great! Not as scary as I expected but very steep and not for people afraid of exposure. Boott Spur is a forrested trail; lots of trees, narrow trail, roots, rocks and such. This is a great loop if you want the thrill of Huntington Ravine, Mt Washington Summit and a taste of deep New Hampshire woodlands on the way down.

This is by far the toughest trail in white mountains that I have done. Make sure you do Washington or or adams individually before attempting this. We started at 9 am on caps ridge and made it to jefferson summit at 11 am. The vies were breathtaking of fall foliage in New Hampshire. We reached adams at 1 and Madison at 230 and back to trail head at 730 pm. Got delayed a bit due to high winds in gulf side trail.

Getting to the ridge of adams was fine however climbing adams was quite tough, there is no stairway like path to adams summit and involves twisting and turning your feet in slightly awkward angles, with a little bit of scrambling sprinkled in.

After adams we went a long way down the ridge towards Madison hut. THE HUT WAS CLOSED. We gave some of our water to a couple who had not brought enough thinking they could refill at the hut. we left our backpacks at the hut and hurried up mount Madison. I felt Mount Madison summit was much more breathtaking than either adams or jefferson, with its 360 degree views and fall foliage of high fall season.

Things to note:
1) wind near and at adams and jefferson summit brought the temperature down significantly. We had to thrown on all our layers each time we came near to these peaks. Madison was much more tamer.

2) though the forecast said clear skies for the entire day, it became quite foggy on the way back, which along with higher than predicted winds made the going very tough on the gulf side trail.

3) we avoided climbing adams and jefferson on the way back by taking the gulf side trail and continuing on to the jefferson loop to reach caps ridge.

4) Gps tracker with all trails was extremely useful. Once it gets foggy and real windy, it becomes easy to lose path.

5) make sure each of you bring headlamps and hiking blankets just in case. We hiked the last half hour in complete darkness.

6) fix your turn around time as half the daylight that you half left minus an hour at the beginning of the hike.

Overall this hike got me a fair bit of respect for phrase “exposed over the tree line” hiking. If you are considering doing the entire presidential traverse, I highly recommend doing this trail first to get a taste of it. It pushes the strength of knees and leg muscles to the next level.

If you are fit and weather is good, this is a great hike.

The views throughout this hike can’t be beat. As others have commented though, be sure the weather is solid and you’ve packed gear accordingly. There are a lot of criss-crossing trails and the majority of the hike is rock jumping so it can be pretty slow going. I wound up getting turned around a couple of times but even with minimal stops, this took me 8 hours at a very good pace.

very nice trail, walk along the creeks. there is a lake at the top. the staff at the hut is very friendly. lots of rock, but it is not very steep.

This was a long hike for me but was great. My total distance was 12.7 miles and my total time was 08:46 with 01:20 time stopped. I did this hike counterclockwise due to some hard climbs between Jackson and Pierce. I ate lunch at the hut which was nice, you can buy food and items here for cash. I did this when everything was wet and windy. I had to do some minor scrambling going up to Webster and between Jackson and Pierce but nothing too difficult. The trail going from Webster to Eisenhower was awesome and wish I hike that trail all day.
Just a heads up, parking fee is $5 per day.

3 months ago

Trail is typically pretty rough above tree line. At times lost the trail between cairns. Lower section is due for some maintenance. Still beats driving to the top!

We took this trail up to the summit and it is a work out! Such rewarding views though above the tree line! Very Steep and rocky as well but the last bit up Washington is as such haha. Prepare for a leg work out and of course proper foot wear!

Amazing hike. Beautiful trail next to a river following upstream. Great views. We hiked through the clouds which was a great experience. Last 1.5 miles are super steep to a point that we had to go down on all 4 to make it. Last part took us almost 1.5h. Nothing for kids or dogs. Requires proper hiking boots and good stamina.

My favorite 4000ft so far. Dog friendly too

3 months ago

Beautiful! Hiked on September 22, 2018. We did a longer hike - we started at the parking lot off of Base Road (instead of COG railway) in Thompson and Meserves Purchase, NH (see this trail on 4000footers.com). $5 cash parking. We started at 10:30 am and did the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail up to Lake of Clouds hut (closed for winter) and got up to top of Monroe at 2:15 pm. The wind was NUTS between Lake of Clouds and top of Monroe but the views from the top were expansive in every direction. You are right next to Washington on one side and on the other side you can see the ridge trail going to Eisenhower. Would be good to have a hat, gloves and an extra layer or two at the top as it was very cold and windy. The first mile of the trail is flat, then you start to climb some step boulders and rocks (next to a stream) and then closer to the alpine zone you start to climb steep slabs on rock. Some of the rock stretches are pretty serious so if it’s being hiked when there’s even a possibility of ice, definitely bring spikes etc. Trail and rocks were a little wet from the night before. We got down to the parking lot at 6:20 pm. Only a few other groups of hikers along the trail. There were a few stream crossings throughout the trail. Think the trail we did was between 7 and 10 miles (phone died).

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