Mount Washington State Park, a 60.3-acre parcel perched on the summit of the Northeast's highest peak, is surrounded by the extensive 750,000-acre White Mountain National Forest. On a clear day, views from the 6,288-foot summit extend beyond New Hampshire as far as 130 miles to Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Quebec, and the Atlantic Ocean. The Sherman Adams building, a modern summit building, houses The Sherman Adams Visitor Center, a cafeteria, restrooms, gift shops, the Mount Washington Observatory and its museum. The historic TipTop House is located adjacent to the summit building.

Had always wanted to hike Mount Washington and chose this trail as my first experience in mountain hiking.. . This trail was as much as a challenge as I expected and more.. Conditions were rainy and due to an early snow fall the streams that needed to be crossed were up a bit, this along with wet and windy weather made some of the rock climbing a bit more difficult. All in all a great experience and one i would highly recommend. Gained a greater respect for hiking and the people who enjoy it. Love the Outdoors !

The first mile of this trail was actually quite easy, until you reach the gem pool. As you turn the corner you now realize how steep and how hard this trail is. It's actually quite a steep ascent and it never seems to end. There is moderate rock scrambling in sections but not very difficult. Overall it was a great time very long and very tiring. A must have on the bucket list. You should take the Jewell trail down or the COG.

We hiked this on the most beautiful day. The views were absolutely incredible! It was definitely a full workout but was totally worth it all! Can't wait to do it again!

Loved this trail...it pops you right out at the Lakes of the Clouds Hut. The blazing was not good but we managed. The water features we're spectacular and the actual trail was well maintained. there are several water crossings so waterproof shoes are a must. I can't claim that there we saw views since we hiked in dense fog and rain....but I imagine it is spectacular on a clear day.

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Very fun trail and amazing views. Gets pretty darn steep and can be quite slippery. Summit climb gets pretty rocky and fun. Incredible change in climates from base to summit. Goes from rain forest to tundra

A great trail with gorgeous views! Definitely a challenge (my sister didn't love it as much as I did) because some parts require scrambling up sheer rock. You'll need to to use both hands to climb certain parts. I recommend strong knees for this trail. It follows the river all the way up to the Lake of the Clouds hut where you can use the bathroom and refill water before continuing to the summit.

What a wild trip. If you were ever inclined to ignore weather reports - DON'T!!!! We left Mizpah Spring Hut at about 8:30 AM and planned to hike Pierce to Eisenhower. The Croo's weather report was temps in the 30s and wind gusts to the 80 MPH range at Washington. We were well prepared for the hike and up to Pierce wasn't too difficult as there were very few exposed areas. From Pierce to Eisenhower was a slog. There wasn't any rain but fog settled in and the winds were for-real - 50-60s steady and yes, gusts to the 80s.

The last 2-3 hundred vertical on Eisenhower were exposed and challenging. We were brief at the top of Eisenhower (I will try to post a video) and scurrying to lose elevation. Edmands was a welcome sign but the first bit out is a rock garden for 1-2 hundred yards and footing with high winds isn't easy. Eventually we got to the lee on Edmands -- a one track trail -- which was very heavily traveled with uphill traffic.

We came across 2-3 dozen hikers and dogs heading up. We offered our take of conditions and to the credit of the hikers, most had what appeared to be full packs to gear up for what was awaiting them.

I looked the the Mount Washington weather for 8/6 and the max wind was 92 MPH and the temps, I think, never got into the 50s. It was sooooo strange passing uphill hikers in shorts and wanting to get to a temperature and elevation to allow getting out of three layers on top.

Don't doubt mother nature.