Mount Washington State Park, a 60.3-acre parcel perched on the summit of the Northeast's highest peak, is surrounded by the extensive 750,000-acre White Mountain National Forest. On a clear day, views from the 6,288-foot summit extend beyond New Hampshire as far as 130 miles to Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Quebec, and the Atlantic Ocean. The Sherman Adams building, a modern summit building, houses The Sherman Adams Visitor Center, a cafeteria, restrooms, gift shops, the Mount Washington Observatory and its museum. The historic TipTop House is located adjacent to the summit building.

1 month ago

I don't recommend parking at one point and then turning this into a loop. You'll be exhausted (we ended up hitchhiking) Still a beautiful hike though!

Love this trail! Really beautiful views from the hut to the summit! Was easier up than we anticipated, the way down we were pretty tired by the time we hit the gem pool. Highly recommend this hike for your first time up Washington.

This trail is very rewarding with varying views of the Presidentials around each turn . The pools and waterfalls are spectacular. There is some scrambling to do about two thirds of the way up. Coming down is a challenge in places which I faced by crab-walking many times. I'm a bit of a chicken and only too familiar with sore muscles if I fall. You see, I'm "older". It took my friend and I about 7 hours to complete. We stopped only briefly for lunch and were forced to eat away fro the peak as there was a huge hatching of flying insects.

My girlfriend I took the plunge into hiking this past weekend. Neither of us had hiked before. We chose this trail as our first one. It was a beautiful warm Saturday and we went for it We hit the trail at noon after checking to be sure we could get the cog down. The majority of people told us to plan on 5 hours going up. Not knowing what to expect we planned on the 5 hours and the cog coming down, given the amount of daylight available. First part of the trail was easy and we were all alone which was nice. plenty of pretty places to stop along the river. I think we hit the gem pool in about an hour. The trail got real after the gem pool for sure, and things didn't change much for a long time. Steep, steady climbing all the way the lake in the clouds. We ran into a few people along the way. One thing for sure, everyone has their own idea of time and space on the trail. Some people would say we had 2 hours to go, others would say 45 minutes, and everything in between. one couple said we had 45 minutes to the top, then an hour after that a woman told us we had 2 more hours. None of this really mattered to us, people were super nice and we had our own pace going. From the gem pool to the hut was tough, but we had plenty of gas left. We turned the corner and headed for the summit. Beautiful scenery (I'm a landscape photographer) gave us both a fresh outlook heading towards the top. We stopped a few times along the way for photos. it was a perfect sunny fall day, with a light breeze. We kept a good pace going, nonetheless. I'm going to guess that maybe with about a half mile to go, we both hit a wall. I started to slow way down, and by the end I was probably making 5-6 steps before stopping briefly. It kicked my ass at the very end. Total time was 3:38 from the cog parking lot to the summit. What a perfect first time hiking, we are hooked.

Had always wanted to hike Mount Washington and chose this trail as my first experience in mountain hiking.. . This trail was as much as a challenge as I expected and more.. Conditions were rainy and due to an early snow fall the streams that needed to be crossed were up a bit, this along with wet and windy weather made some of the rock climbing a bit more difficult. All in all a great experience and one i would highly recommend. Gained a greater respect for hiking and the people who enjoy it. Love the Outdoors !

The first mile of this trail was actually quite easy, until you reach the gem pool. As you turn the corner you now realize how steep and how hard this trail is. It's actually quite a steep ascent and it never seems to end. There is moderate rock scrambling in sections but not very difficult. Overall it was a great time very long and very tiring. A must have on the bucket list. You should take the Jewell trail down or the COG.