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We started on the blue trail then switch to the yellow trail. We had to cross little streams and lots of mud but it was doable if you stayed on the edges of the trail. The view from the top was spectacular and well worth the climb through woods and snow. We came down the blue trail. It was very icy and very steep. We heard from other hikers the orange trail was easier and not so icy. We started at 11:30 and ended at 4:30 with a 1/2 rest at top. All in all a great day of hiking for a couple of 63 years old.

awesome trail, not very well marked at the peak. The dog's loved it.

Lots of graffiti, rude tourists and trash everywhere. Nice view of the lake but there are lots of other places nearby without the crowds, noise and trash.

It's a good hike, however it is not very well marked.

Love this trail and view is amazing

Loved this trail! Views from the summit are amazing!

15 days ago

good trail, snow made it difficult at few spot in return trail

Starts off easy, gets progressively steeper until there is some rock scrambling near the end, but nothing too difficult. You start getting views about 1.2 miles up, and the panorama at the summit is incredible. I would recommend a different trail for the descent, such as the Brook Trail.

Great views. Well worth the hike!

Great trails, well marked.

Short scrambly bit near the top, but otherwise very easy. Lovely view from the top, and the ruins if the old hut were great for taking a break out of the wind.

Nice hike to the top of Mount Major. It starts gradually, then gets increasingly steeper until a little scrambling at the end. You start getting views part way up, and at the summit, there are great vistas of the Lakes Region, the White Mountains, and even Mount Washington on a clear day. Descends via the Boulder Loop Trail, which starts off easy, but lives up to its name in the middle section. The Boulder Loop Trail can be very wet (literally a stream) after a rainstorm.

Very nice hike, starts off gradual and gets increasingly steeper until a little scrambling near the end. Easily doable by nearly all ages, though, and you start getting views part way up. Great vistas on the summit of the Lakes Region, the White Mountains, and Mount Washington on a clear day. I have heard that it can get extremely crowded on weekends in the summer and fall, so plan your hike accordingly.

3 months ago

A short loop to some pretty views of Alton Bay, squam lake and lake winniepasuke.. The parking lot fills up quickly in the morning. A must do at sunrise.

Very slippery. Crampons or snowshoes help.

A great winter hike we did the main trail (blue) and the orange trail, took about 2 hours with snow, microspikes needed in some areas. Yaktracks weren't enough on the sheer ice.

A very pretty and fairly easy hike. There were a few small scrambles and a lot of forest; it took us ~1.5 hours to do a round trip. There are quite a number of people here (at least in summer), but the views are worth it, and there's a nice spot for a picnic at the very top!

Was beautiful in the “winter wonderland”

Did this hike in October with my little pup. It was pretty quiet on the Tuesday morning but I can imagine that it would be incredibly busy most weekends, especially in the fall. We took the main trail up and the Brook Trail down. Amazing views of Winnipesaukee from the summit!

Not sure what happened to the gps but the mileage is wrong.

Hiked with my 5 and 9 year old. The parking lot is almost always full spring through early fall which is why we went up at the end of November. The trail was still busy. We saw people ending their hike as we started up around 10 am. We saw people through out the trail and summit and we saw people starting their trek as we were leaving at 2pm. Now imagine that when its not in the lower 30's with heavy wind.

For as often as this trail gets used I was surprised at its difficulty level. This trail really is moderate. It is by no means easy. Completely do-able but not a simple walk in the forest. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone younger then 5 or 6, or for anyone really out of shape.

The first .5 miles are a steady incline with a brief flat section then back to incline for another .5 miles and finally a full scramble for the last .25 miles.

We had ice on all the flat rock faces and the scramble portions. There were sections where we had to go "off trail" and walk in parallel with the blazed section to avoid ice. My 9 year old who never needs help needed assistance in some sections. I'm sure this wouldnt matter in a warmer month.

Over all its a great half day hike with a pretty good pay off at the peak. I would choose the trails in the Ossipee range (Mt. Roberts, Bald Knob, etc...) across the lake if you're looking for better views of the lake. You'll also encounter far less people.

Brook trail got icier the higher up you went. Stick to the edges and you will be okay. Be sure to bring an extra pair of socks in case you slip and step onto water (like I did.. a few times). Higher up the trail, more boulders and rocks so be mindful - ankle support is key.

Great trail. Moderate effort. Roundtrip took about 3 hrs. We took the brook trail (yellow) up and boulder (orange) trail down. Weather was great. Cool but only a little bit of wind. Make sure you have good boots. Lots of rocks and boulders so you could easily twist an ankle. Also, ice is starting to appear on the brook trail but boulder was dry. Great views of the lake at the top of Mt Major. Will be back to do the range trail.

Brook trail is my least favorite as the brook tends to impede the trail throughout. I recommend blue and orange instead

Starts out easy enough with a bit of rocky, steep, terrain. Wear ankle support. Fantastic views.

Hiked up to the summit with my husband and dog. My husband had some issues with the more steep areas but my dog and I managed to make it up and down just fine, with my husband tagging along behind us. The hike to the summit and back down took us about 3 hours.

Overall one of my favorite hikes. Went today and even though it drizzled on the way up and poured on the way down the differing terrain types and amazing views throughout made everything worth it. Be careful stepping up as some parts are heavy with large rock formations.

Went up the blue trail. It was quite rocky with little stones for the first bit - kind of an ankle roller. After that it was great!

Hiked on 9/23 and 10/7. Went Blue up and Orange down both times. Both days were very warm therefore the crowds came out but the trails were not heavily trafficked. Easy hike - "normal" walking pace took us 45 minutes up. Great view!

This is my favorite mt. to hike! Well marked and a great hike, especially in Oct. soo beautiful

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