1 day ago

This is a great hike! Our four year old climbed the entire trail, up and down, all by himself, with some snack/lunch breaks of course. We hike frequently but this was his first mountain! He loved the steep sections at the top. Harder for my husband to carry our 2.5 year old down the Brook Trail - and definitely glad we did not choose to go up that longer way. I was about 15 weeks pregnant when we hiked this and given our pace with the kids, I only felt out of breath a handle of times. It’s not easy but it’s manageable if you slow down. The loop took us a little over 5 hours including time spent at the top. If we did it again, we’d go straight up and down, although the Brook section was much more quiet. My biggest complaint is just how crowded it was, Memorial Day weekend, but that’s to be expected on this level of a hike I think. We found tons of salamanders and enjoyed an amazing view, even on a more cloudy day! We’ll definitely be back.