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Blue trail. Very doable for family, did it with a 5 and 7 year old.

Perfect hike for those who aren't of vigorous stamina but want to push themselves, IMO! The trail is easy but of a decent length with a super rewarding view.

*I am a tall and heavy guy so this post is biased based on my rather subpar fitness*

Did this trail today in nearly 2 hr 15 mins with 10 mins spent at the top. Overall nice trail. I took the blue trail up which starts off easy but suddenly turns steep about halfway up. The last half of the blue trail was difficult for me going up. I took yellow trail down which was much more manageable.

I did find the trail challenging given my fitness level but this trail was still doable for me. Anyone in good shape would find this rather unchallenging.

7 days ago

Lots of fun. Will get crowded if you don't get there early enough. No trail maps at base due to very limited trail options and well marked trails. Pull up the map on your smart phone here: https://www.gunstock.com/upload/photos/222Two-sided_Map_1_23_13.pdf

9 days ago

10 days ago