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Great hike! Challenging terrain but not overwhelming. Make sure to check the weather before you go, since there isn’t a lot around the mountain to act as a buffer for extreme winds! It took us around 5 hours to complete.

I loved this hike! Every bit as beautiful and fun as everyone makes it out to be.

Absolutely love this hike but if you have any hopes of finding some peace and quiet on the mountain, definitely do it on a non-holiday/non-school-vacation weekday. Even early on an autumn Monday I encountered a decent number of folks on the trail, and there were probably 15-20 others at the summit despite the cold temps (~45 F at the summit) and brisk winds. I went up White Dot and down White Cross. It's a lot of elevation in a short distance, definitely challenging in some sections but so satisfying to accomplish. The last bit leading to the summit is very exposed, which I find thrilling in a simultaneously nervous/awed kind of way. Gorgeous views on a clear day, both from the summit and from a number of outlooks along the way.

Better than white dot trail by far!! We went too early this past Saturday so very foggy at the top. It cold very quickly, I saw people in sandals and no tshirts going by us. Be prepare don't be one of those people. I took us an hour and 45 minutes going up.

Love this hike (second time with the 7 year old) but the cloudy day turned to rain. The rocky sections get very dangerous, especially on the way down. A hiker slipped and apparently broke his hip near the summit, and was getting lowered down by rescue personnel. Would not recommend if it’s been wet in the last day or so.

Long hike with not that many views. Top gets steep, kinda scary if you’re scared of heights. The top wasn’t that worth it, so I wouldn’t do it again. Took about 3 hours.

I am no expert hiker by any means but this was an enjoyable hike to see some foliage and spectacular views. It is steep, rocky and slippery in some areas in addition to being trafficked by unprepared hikers. I was fine in regular running shoes but hiking boots would be beneficial. Beautiful scenery. Told it would take us 3-4 hours round trip but it took 45 min up and 50 min down. My GPS clocked at ~3 miles round trip, not sure if this was totally accurate or not.

Mt. Monadnock's White Dot trail is the annual field trip of most elementary & high schools in the area. This is a great first time climb and is a go to tourist attraction if you're staying in the area. It's really not that hard and there's a reason it is the 3rd most climbed mountain in the world. You will see tons of children going up the mountain on their own power. Yes, it can be steep for a couple of very short sections but unless you've never walked up a hill before its really not hard.

Tented at Gilson Pond the night before. Up and on trail by 9am. Perfect weather(low 60's) Quiet, less traveled route. Roughly 6 hours of casual/moderate hiking. Very nice

I hiked with my co worker who is expert since childhood. Here I am wanted a challenge, however this one is really harder for first timers, but worth it. It’s heavily trafficked . After all I really enjoyed.

The White Dot Trail is tough but good work out. The markings at the top for White Dot or White Cross are poor,. The Red Dot was well marked. I didn't intend to come down that way but glad I followed it. Great trail with steady grade. Overall great loop with tough going up and moderate coming down. The Cascade loop took me right back to the base where I was parked.

Only 4 stars due to the traffic (most I’ve ever seen on any trail).

Did with 11 yr old, 9 yr old, and 6 yr old. All did great. It’s very steep in places, so lots of breaks.

I underestimated this trail! It was steeper than I expected! Was a great hike. Did not bring enough water for the warm & humid weather! Enjoyed the views! Was very crowded.

I hiked this trail September 14, 2018 and am hooked!! It was just the right amount of difficulty, and the view at the top was worth every drop of sweat and sore muscle!!! It was truly spectacular!!!

This is good to get a little exercise in. Very easy compared to most New Hampshire peaks. Took the toughest route we could find yesterday with my wife and 10 year old son and still finished up and down in 3 hours. It is a fun little jaunt for the hiker as long as you can tolerate the DisneyLand like atmosphere with a whole bunch of people who are probably hiking up the only mountain they will ever do and are slow and not well prepared. Due to this - get there really early and knock it out before most others start.

definitely a challenge. very steep. amazing view at the top makes the climb 100% worth it.

Great hike! The Cliff Walk appears to be much less traveled so peaceful even when there are a gazillion people on the mountain. This is such a popular place on weekends I highly suggest getting out early to beat the crowds. Either way, just do it...this mountain is terrific!

The trail is a great challenge in the snow, and micro spikes are are a must! 10/10 would hike it again. The views are very rewarding.

First mile is easy. Second mile is tough. We walk fast and it took us 1.5 to summit. Great views and great exercise. Wouldn’t recommend for kids under 12.

Delayed review but hiked this on a sunny October day.leaves were beautiful and all was well until we got to the summit and there was a white out snow squall. We didn’t have much of a view with the clouds but it was an exciting, snowy hike down.

Fantastic trail, definitely challenging to newer hikers.

I cut my hiking teeth on this trail and have climbed it well over 30 times. I have moved on to explore other trails on this mountain, but that does not discredit this trail. I have introduced dozens of people to the beauty of monadnock and southern New England via this trail. To me that's what makes this trail special. Some would say it is crowded, I would call it "available." A decent challenge to encourage any who succeed to the summit.

This is a great hike! It was my first mountain climb and I found it to be worthwhile of quite a steep descent. I recommend taking the White Dot up and the White Cross down. The views from the summit are amazing. It took my group about 2 hours up and 2 hours down, 4 hours round trip.

Hiked white dot up and white cross down. Great trail and not too crowded for a Monday in August. The views from the summit were amazing. Like many reviewers before me there was a-lot of chatter at the top but the vistas more than compensated!

My 5 year old daughter and I took the dublin trail to Monadnock summit. We ended up clocking 5.1 miles with 1700 feet of elevation gain. Gorgeous hike that has a bit of everything. The first mile and a half or so was below tree line and featured a stream that runs alongside with a few intersects. We went the day after some heavy rains, so the trail was quite wet and muddy. My daughter loved the scrambling (theres a lot) especially as you get closer to the summit. This trail is definitely moderate with no sections that would qualify as dangerous for kiddos. This is a great first big mountain climb for young kids. As expected the summit was quite crowded, but we only encountered about 7 other groups on Dublin itself.

not easy but well worth it. beautiful mountain but you have to go early in the day

This hike was challenging but so worth it! The views from the top are amazing!

2 months ago

an easy amble on a nice day

I have hiked Monadnock eight times. I usually take White Dot Trail up and down. But I've done the Pumpelly twice. The Pumpelly is a longer trail, but not as challenging.

Each time my only criticism is the rude, rowdy, loud school kids on the peak having lunch, burping out loud and being fairly obnoxious.

But the views for effort ratio is pretty good and I will be back for more.

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