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This is a great hike to summit a mountain on the east coast and get a great view, when you don’t want to commit to summiting in the white mountains. But this trail is definitely crowded. It is wonderful to see so many families outside being active. But if you are looking for solitude, you won’t find it here.

The hike itself is a steep scramble for a good part of the way. But it’s very doable and fun. Don’t forget it’s windy at the top so bring layers.

I only gave it 4 stars due to how crowded it is. By everything else is wonderful. And there is a bathroom with running water in the parking lot.

So crowded but a good challenging trail. It is very steep and rocky with lots of rock scrambling at the top. We saw kids from 4 years old and adults up to 70+ doing. It took us 2 hours up and 1.5 hours down. We've done it faster before but I guess I'm out of shape now! It was super crowded at the top - tons of people picnicking and lots of kids running around. Trail is very clean - no trash - and bathrooms at the bottom. It's $5/person to park.

5 days ago

Took this trail down from Monadnock. Not too challenging but very steep and rocky in parts. Trail is erroding on the edges. It wasn't that crowded going down and is well marked. The bathrooms and parking lot was good

14 days ago

Was raining a bit and was misty when starting - was extremely windy once we reached the top. Beautiful views as usual.

Happy Hiking. Stay safe.

14 days ago

took pumpbelly up, then dublin down (it was a car spot). my opinion not hard, but moderate. some scrambles but very doable for the average hiker. good views along the way.

18 days ago

Beautiful hike, if you have time you should definitely take this trail up Mt. Monadnock.

I was hesitant about parking at first because I only saw one car parked at the beginning of the trail, but nonetheless left my car there. After doing this I now realize you can pretty much park on the side of the whole road, since I saw loads of cars that had done so when I was done.

Anyways, very nice hike up. The trail gets a bit tough after about 1.7 Miles, but wouldn't say too difficult. The top has so many places to rest, that even on this day where there quite a few people up there I was able to find a secluded place to just take in the views and relax whilst having a small bite to eat.

Do bring bug spray as they were a bother for the first 2 miles. I did run into a snake, which for me was pretty cool, not too familiar with what type so I did exercise some caution as I don't normally see them back in Jersey. Wasn't a problem at all.

Overall, very beautiful trail. Do definitely recommend!

Of the 20 years that I have been hiking, this trail by far is the best of them. It is challenging even for an experienced hiker like me and by far the most scenic trail that I've ever hiked. Pretty much every step of this trail is a scenic photo op so I've took plenty of pictures along the way. It is a little crowded but I don't mind.

The only thing that could make this trail any better is if there is a cool refreshing stream or waterfall along the way. As it is, the 3.9 miles loop is perfect for a half day hike giving us plenty of time to lunch and nap at the summit. I will definitely hit this trail again before the end of the year.

Hiked February 3rd, the trail was awesome! Beautiful views at the summit and wasn’t too rough

23 days ago

Went up white dot to cascade link and Up Spellman to the summit. While people have rated Spellman as the hardest trail to the summit, I would respectfully disagree. It is a lot of elevation gain over a short distance, but seems to be over before you know it. After getting to the summit, we took the advice of a local to go down Pumpelly and connect to cascade link, back to white dot trail. After going down Pumpelly, I would have to say that this trail would be much more strenuous going up than Spellman was. Either way, it was an enjoyable hike. White dot was very crowded on the way up, but as soon we turned onto cascade link, the crowds disappeared until we reached the summit. I would definitely advise bringing bug spray as the damp conditions in the trees seem to harbor a lot of mosquitos. All in all, if you want to avoid the crowded trails stick to Pumpelly or Spellman via Cascade link.

Full range of landscape's to enjoy as you hike, not heavy foot traffic (several times have had the trail to myself!), and some excellent views. Can do all seasons, although the upper areas get a bit icy. Good conditioning hike.

Awesome views and great hike. Take your time on a nice day and it is beautiful!!

We descended the white cross trail after ascending via birchtoft, red spot and Pumpelly. The weather made this a very challenging hike, as it was raining for most of the day and high winds at the summit. The wet rocks made for slippery footing and a slow, careful descent. No views at the top, as were in a cloud. A short burst of hail made a appearance too! I would prefer to do this next time in drier weather, but all the scouts and I felt a great sense of accomplishment!

This was a long hike, very pretty but it’s 90% climbing up and down rocks. Wear bug spray

1 month ago

Pictures going into this hike did not do it justice. Just a beautiful enjoyable hike and view. Highly recommended. Trail conditions were very good. Some avoidable mud. Moderately strenuous to strenuous out and back. Mix of forest and exposed rock. Trail was moderately trafficked and definitely less than surrounding options. Several great viewpoints on the way up and down.

The ascent is very scenic. The ridge-walk makes you feel as if you’re climbing something in the Presidential Range. Coming down was somewhat tedious as the trailhead is so far from the actual mountain.

Challenging in winter conditions. Very enjoyable.

Challenging, beautiful 360 view at the summit!

Fun easy hike. Summit in about an 1.5 hours if you can hold a decent pace. Nice view from the top where you can see the presidential range to the north east and the green mountains to the west. Some cool geology with weathering on the granite if you look close.

I've hiked this a few times and it is easily a favorite of mine. I had the pleasure of actually getting the summit all to myself one evening I hiked it solo after work. I would not say it's to difficult even with the rock scrambles because as long as you pace yourself both going up and down and are careful of your footing it's a enjoyable hike.
I've done it top to bottom in 3 hours solo but it can also be more of a leisurely hike with a group around 4--4.5 hours total.

Took the white dot up and white cross down. Hiked with my 10 year old. There is still a fair amount of ice and snow would strongly suggest wearing spikes or crampons but I saw multiple people hiking without them. A lot of people had sneakers on which is kinda nutty for the conditions. We did not wear ours the entire hike. We put them on about half way up and took them off about half way down.

I didn't notice a huge difference in difficulty between the two trails other than the white dot has several scrambles and the white cross does not. The incline or steepeness is pretty much the same for both trails. If your uncomfortable with climbing over and around large rocks take the white cross up and down which feels more like a long staircase. I also noticed no real difference in distance between the trails but my mileage does not match the posted distances.

I really enjoyed this hike. Although I wouldn't rate it as difficult. I also wouldn't suggest this for a people without any experience. There are plenty of other trails with just as good views better suited for first timers. My ten year managed well over the multiple scrambles but spikes were necessary because of winter conditions. I would take my six year old in the summer but not in the winter or early spring. The most difficult portion of the climb is the last scramble on the white dot before the trails meet and the the last push before the peak which is completed with either trail.

You will have to pay to get into the park. It's the only state park I've seen open since last fall. Had I known I would have brought my vehicle with the state park plate. I brought cash but was told you can pay with credit or debit at the toll booth.

I will definitely come back in the summer with my younger child.

Most of the trail is on rock, so it’s more difficult than it might sound. You start getting views a little more than halfway up. It’s been hazy the last two times I’ve gone there (in August), so the vistas haven’t been as great as they can be. They are certainly phenomenal on a clear day. Beware of crowds (including weekdays) on one of the most climbed mountains in the world.

Great trail, ended up in this trail after taking Parker to old road. There is a slight area where it gets harder to find markers etc but if you pay attention it’s not hard to find it. After getting to the top we took white cross down. It’s very icy and watery right now so use caution. Go slow!

4 months ago

After searching for a long while, finally found Pumpelly Cave, one of the secrets of Monadnock.

Choose when you go wisely, trails are often packed in warmer months.

On a warmer day (1/21), temps were in upper 30's. summit was 31degree. Had microspikes and proven to be essential for the hike. Saw another couple from Brazil who had cleats and after suggesting them gave them one spare microspikes. They were really thankful at the summit. Summit was little windy and we had to put the gloves and cap back on otherwise it was manageable with good jacket and thermals.

Fun, not a place to hike for a quiet afternoon

Incredible hike! There are a lot of scrambled and a lot of boulders, but the views are entirely worth it. It was pretty challenging and took us about ~4 hours to hike it, round trip. There are SO MANY people on this hike! The summit has a very nice area for picnics with a great view.

Great trail, went up yesterday, look for days with low wind on the summit it was brutally cold at the summit. Microspikes are a must to do safely. Snow isn't too deep yet.

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