12 hours ago

Went up white dot to cascade link and Up Spellman to the summit. While people have rated Spellman as the hardest trail to the summit, I would respectfully disagree. It is a lot of elevation gain over a short distance, but seems to be over before you know it. After getting to the summit, we took the advice of a local to go down Pumpelly and connect to cascade link, back to white dot trail. After going down Pumpelly, I would have to say that this trail would be much more strenuous going up than Spellman was. Either way, it was an enjoyable hike. White dot was very crowded on the way up, but as soon we turned onto cascade link, the crowds disappeared until we reached the summit. I would definitely advise bringing bug spray as the damp conditions in the trees seem to harbor a lot of mosquitos. All in all, if you want to avoid the crowded trails stick to Pumpelly or Spellman via Cascade link.