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Monadnock State Park features the 3,165-ft. Mount Monadnock, a National Natural Landmark. The park is made up of 40 miles of maintained foot trails, most of which will take you towards the summit of this impressive mountain. Sweeping 100-mile views of the White Mountains, Vermont, Massachusetts, and all the other New England states await you when you reach the summit. You have your choice of hiking trails that are direct routes to the summit in addition to multiple loop trail options, most of which leave from the main trailhead. The Monadnock Visitor Center has informative exhibits about the local area, and maps are available close to the Visitor Center. There are no bathrooms or water fountains available on the mountain, so you will need to plan accordingly. Monadnock State Park day use fee: $5 per person, $2 for children aged 6-12, children 5 and under are free and New Hampshire residents over 65 are also free. This State Park is also an option for winter hikers. Lower elevation trails offers ski touring for the experienced cross country skier. Camping is also possible during the winter but please note that water and firewood are limited, and the campground road is not plowed. Check out the Gilson Pond family camping area located just down the road from the park headquarters area at 585 Dublin Road, Jaffrey, NH 03452. 35 campsites for tents and five hike in sites accompany new bathrooms and shower facilities. Several trails depart from the campground and lead to the summit of Mount Monadnock or shorter hikes around the state park. Reservations are being accepted through ReserveAmerica for Gilson Pond Campground, the headquarters camping area is no longer available for family camping.

8 days ago

Amazing trail! Hiked in early Jan 2019 and despite the clouds, wind and snow at the top, the winter weather made the scenery even more spectacular. Even without the views over the surrounding area, the variable trail conditions and different types of scrambling and climbing, along with the dramatic scenery at the top (even more moon-like with ice and snow all around) made this an enjoyable and challenging hike. Took about 5 hours round trip in heavy wind and ice conditions. Crampons definitely not optional in the winter- from about 1 mile in, it was solid sheets of ice for the rest of the walk. By about 6 miles in the wind picked up and visibility dropped, making the cairns absolutely necessary- fortunately, they are quite well-placed and visible, with the exception of one or two less obvious spots on the way back down. Surprisingly, still saw a dozen or so other hikers on the trail, including some other brave souls lingering at the summit. Can’t wait to try this in the Summer!

This is a great hike. Lots of others hiking and enjoying the scenery from the top. A few strenuous sections, but overall a pretty consistent challenge.

Did this trail in peak fall foliage season and loved it, though no matter how you dice it there will be lots of others with you and I prefer a more solitary hike. Still beautiful views on top !

Fun trail great to do with family and friends. Can’t beat the view.

Another beast of a New England hike. The white dot trail goes pretty much *straight* up Mount Monadnock (who needs switchbacks?). It’s technical and challenging, with lots of rocks and scrambling but a great workout. Might not be the best choice for kids. I think it’s longer than AllTrails says, I turned on Strava and it said it was 5.1 miles up and back. I went up on Dec 23rd, right after a big rainstorm so most of the snow was gone, but it was pretty icy in places. I managed it without micro spikes but they wouldn’t hurt to bring. The view at the top were incredible (so was the wind and cold).

This is my favorite mountain. I grew up nearby and any chance I get when I visit New Hampshire I trek the White Dot trail. I have a cousin who has hiked Monadnock thousands of consecutive days setting a record. The views are incredible in the summer, fall, and winter. White Dot is difficult. 800 to 3100 feet in one mile. Be somewhat fit, bring water, dress properly, and use caution on the granite. It can be hazardous to your well being. On clear days the Boston skyline can be seen, Canada and Vermont are visible and many lakes, ponds and church stepals are also visible. My favorite butt kicker trail.

1 month ago

Nice, quieter trail up to the summit. Easy walk up the road to the white arrow trail and moderate hike until the last half mile or so where there are quite a few scrambles. The trail was icy when I went and I slipped and tweaked my ankle ~100 vertical feet below the summit and didn't quite finish, but the views up to that point were very good. I'll definitely revisit this trail in summer when the ice is gone.

This is a very unique hike which is totally different from any conventional hiking trails you’ll find in the sierras. Definitely worth doing at least once. Be careful; it’s very easy to slip and fall. Views are OK, not much to look at honestly.

Climbed for first time. Not a traditional walking trail. Trail begins at white dot trail over rocks and tree roots and ascends quickly. Lots of granite on trail. In fact the “trail” turns to all grainte rock scrambling most of the way, sometimes crab walking on all fours becomes necessary. The summit is beautiful. Getting down equally rocky. Follow the trail markings, take your time, enjoy to views.

Really great hike!! First mile is relatively simple, second mile is more climbing than hiking. We underestimated how cold/windy/icy the hike would be towards the summit. Wear good hiking shoes and many layers!

Great hike with a good mix of wooded hiking and rock scrambling above the tree line. Includes a false peak. Be prepared, it’s 10-15 degrees colder at the peak vs the base. It’s also very windy at the peak. The payoff is worth it at the peak as the views are stunning. So many great photo ops during the climb. I took the White Dot trail up and the White Cross trail down. The White Cross trail is supposedly less steep, but it still is a steep rocky decent that can take its toll on the knees and ankles. These two trails are heavily trafficked so be prepared to make the hike with 1,000 of your closest new friends. All-in-all, a solid day hike!

Great trail, good terrain variety. View from the top was fantastic!

Always a great hike! I enjoy the challenge of the Rock scrambles and the sense of accomplishment and freedom when I reach the top. Amazing views well worth the hike. Bring more water & energy boosting snacks than thank you think you need as this hike will have your legs working extremely hard most of the time. Can’t wait to climb this one again.

2 months ago

Love this trail. Did it 2 weekends in a row. 9.75 miles from trailhead to summit and back.

Definitely moderate to difficult because of the rocky trail and scrambling of rocks. View is worth it completely! We went with a 7 and 9 year old and it took 5.5 hours with lots of breaks.

Amazing! Really good for my first time hiking!

I loved the trail! It was challenging even when you are prepared and have the proper gear. I wouldn't recommend doing this without good good hiking shoes!

Great hike! Challenging terrain but not overwhelming. Make sure to check the weather before you go, since there isn’t a lot around the mountain to act as a buffer for extreme winds! It took us around 5 hours to complete.

trail running
2 months ago

Great day. chilly winds but beautiful views from the summit. pompelly is an easy to moderate hike. sharp elevation gain at two major spots but managable.
note to self:Brooks Cascadia trail runners are miserable!

This was a challenging hike for me, harder and longer than Monte Rosa-White Arrow or the Dublin Trail. The ascent on White Cross was VERY crowded; a school trip of over 100 teenagers was coming down as i started up, making it impossible to hit a stride. The views approaching the summit were spectacular on this clear fall day. Descending via Pumpelly to Cascade Link is longer but less steep and a nice change from the other approaches. This part of Pumpelly is entirely marked by cairns. Cascade Link, marked by an orange dot, was muddy and had some tricky, near-vertical root & rock parts. My cell phone died on the 5 hr hike so i didn't get a recording.

2 months ago

Did Pumpelly for the first time today and I’m in love. It definitely requires endurance and very good traction but it’s well worth the work, and not just for the summit. Once you hit the first vista about halfway up, the views stay with you for a good 90% of the remaining hike, and they are unbelievable. Today was sunny but it had rained the day before, which made it really tricky through the woods where it was muddy and slippery, especially the steeper rocky parts on the descent. It wasn’t a problem at all on the more exposed upper half of the trail, though. I had so much fun scrambling and rock hopping up top. It took me about 4.5 hours including lots of pauses to take pictures (which will never do it justice!), and a stop for lunch. On a beautiful October Tuesday, I only encountered two people on the trail, and maybe 6-8 folks at the summit. Perfect day!

Loved everything about this trail! It wasn’t as busy as white dot, was challenging in part, and was beautiful. My new favorite way to get to the summit.

3 months ago

Great trail. Was 9.5 miles for me. Lots of rock scrambles. Weather was perfect. Pretty busy at the peak. And a bonus, I met a Pompelly when finished the trail. Granddaughter of the man who founded the trail. How cool is that.

I loved this hike! Every bit as beautiful and fun as everyone makes it out to be.

3 months ago

Great trail- was really slippery (rain for days) and the top was packed. We ended up going back down to a lower view to avoid the crowds. I would do this trail again.

Absolutely love this hike but if you have any hopes of finding some peace and quiet on the mountain, definitely do it on a non-holiday/non-school-vacation weekday. Even early on an autumn Monday I encountered a decent number of folks on the trail, and there were probably 15-20 others at the summit despite the cold temps (~45 F at the summit) and brisk winds. I went up White Dot and down White Cross. It's a lot of elevation in a short distance, definitely challenging in some sections but so satisfying to accomplish. The last bit leading to the summit is very exposed, which I find thrilling in a simultaneously nervous/awed kind of way. Gorgeous views on a clear day, both from the summit and from a number of outlooks along the way.

Better than white dot trail by far!! We went too early this past Saturday so very foggy at the top. It cold very quickly, I saw people in sandals and no tshirts going by us. Be prepare don't be one of those people. I took us an hour and 45 minutes going up.

3 months ago

This trail is closer to 9 miles. The first section of the trail is easy with basically no elevation gain. The rest of the trail gains elevation pretty moderately throughout the summit. The most challenging aspect of the trail was that it was wet and slippery, making the rockier parts take longer than they typically might. I completed the hike on Columbus Day, and I hardly saw any other people on this trail until I got close to the summit (even then it was still not very crowded given the weather). Unfortunately there were no views during the hike due to the thick fog, but there was quite a bit of exposed ridge line that would probably have great views on a clearer day. Even with no visibility, it was still a great hike and a good way to train hiking in slippery conditions!

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