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Exhausted me as a novice hiker, but oh wow, that view! Great hike, between moderate and hard.

Really hard for beginners, still made it through. Amazing view.

did this Trail last summer on a very foggy day! could barely see 20 feet in front of us, it was still an amazing time despite the lack of views! we did it again a couple weeks later via the Spellman Trail again another awesome day and the views are spectacular! This truly is a magical Mountain

Mt. Monadnock was packed - but it was a pretty Saturday in late July so we weren't surprised. The hike was challenging but well marked, the views from the top were great, but we definitely didn't feel like we were able to disconnect from city life while surrounded by crowds the whole way up and back.

Our group hiked under the moonlight. Highly recommend it. Good times

Great views with a moderate hike.

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Incredible hike. WEAR REAL HIKING BOOTS!!!! We saw lots of people not in them and they were slipping and falling it's not safe. Go early to avoid crowds. Incredible views all though out the hike never boring. Lots of good spots to sit with a grain view and rest. Bring lots of water, we brought 2 or 3 of those big liter poland spring bottles and they were empty by the end. Took a number of short breaks but over all not bad. Rocky when you're starting to get up there. Unbelievable able views. Bring a layer for when you are at the top it is cold.