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Definitely a difficult hike, but not impossible. I went with my mother who is not very active, we stopped quite a bit, but even still I'd say it was about 2.5 hours to get to the top. I could see most people doing it in 1.5 - 2 hours to the top. We took the side trail up (not the toll road) which I would recommend -- the toll road doesn't really feel like a hike. It's steep at the top and you are climbing over rocks -- and then needing to go back down them so good shoes are definitely recommended. It's a very trafficked trail, but definitely worth it when you get to the top!

Took us 5 and half hours to finish. I went with total of 4ppl (2 guys/ 2 gals). I logged it 15K steps. Took us 2 & half hours to go up to the summit and spent 45mins on the summit. We came down with slightly 2hours or less if I don't have to wait for my friends who are afraid of height.

Foods/Beverages - I brought 5bottles of spring water (16.9 oz) with some snacks( snack bar, beef Jerky, peanut butter).

Clothes - The whole trail I only wear a t-shirt and a short hiking pant. Probably the weather was nice and warm on that day. But I do recommend bring a long sleeve or a jacket.

I would rated this as moderate difficulty. Wasn't that challenge. Even I have to admit the mountain is pretty steep. But once you get on it, It was not scary as you think. I also saw many kids and young as 6years old doing this hiking.

I would recommend for First time hiker that want some challenge.

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revisiting old stomping trails.

Good hike. The rocks towards the end were a lot of fun to play on. Found ourselves wishing it was longer and thought about going up another mountain after. This was hike number 2 for the North End Mountain Club.

Will always be a fav. Went up the white dot (1.5 hours) and down the white cross (1.5 hours). Still wet most of the white cross trail and it hasn't rain too recently. The leaves have just started to change.

Fun and challenging hike. Build in time for lots of breaks. I brought 1qt of water and it wasn't nearly enough. The top is very crowded and more than a few kids had music blasting, so while the hike was fun, the whole experience could have been better. Definitely go up the White Dot and come down the White Cross as the latter is slightly less steep. Amazing views at the top!