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Steep climb.. but great views for the last 1/3 of the climb.

Beautiful hike! Cart trail through the woods to Old Halfway House trail is much more scenic than road trail to Old HH trail. One of my favorite hikes.

2 days ago

2 days ago

Second time going up white dot trail this year with my 9 year old daughter. Today we had to wait 20 minutes on parking but it's definitely worth it. She struggles a bit to keep up in the beginning but once we get to the steep rocks she flies up. The first time we took white cross down as recommended. This time we took white dot back down and loved it. It was quicker and more fun for her and it was a lot easier on my knees. It is steeper than white cross but there are more spots where you have to slide down and use your upper body, giving your legs a break. She says she wants to aim for 5 times next year! Our only complaint is it's too busy at the summit.

Well marked and beautiful views! Quiet trail as compared to others there

Great quick climb to get above the tree line. I recommend bringing a dry layer for the top to handle the wind. Also, get there early as parking becomes tough in the late morning.

Loved it. My expectations were that it was an easy hike, but it ended up being a slight challenge, will be back!

great hike today. a bit chilly and windy at the summit. on the trail by 7:30 and wasn't crowded yet, but by the time we finished it was crawling with people! ascended up white dot then detoured to Mt bald via white arrow before catching back up with white cross to add another .5 mile to the trail. took just under 3.5hrs including a couple of breathers. leaves just starting to turn

Great views 360 degrees at peak. It's 5 dollars per person in your car to park.