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Winter time safest trail because of high use, summertime way too crowded. Best trail and longest is the Pompelly trail 9 miles r/t. Bring bathsuit for swim in Dublin lake at the end.

3 days ago

Mount Monadnock is my favorite mountain! I'm biased because I grew up here and this was the first I hiked, but the view from up top is amazing. I've even gone up on a cloudy day just for the hike because I love it so much! Parts of this trail are tricky so take your time and I recommend taking the white cross trail down to keep from twisting ankles.

8 days ago

I have only ever hiked pack, this was a challenging hike for me. I am not an avid hiker and not in the best shape. I did make it to the top as did all my children and my husband. I think it was a good first hike and look forward to doing many more.

16 days ago

Use this trail if you want to avoid the crowds and the steep climb on white dot. White dot trail takes you up 1600 feet in 1.5 miles while this one covers 2000 feet in 4 miles.

Parking is off road. But it's oke as I saw only around 10 cars on a bright Saturday morning at 65 Fahrenheit.

Initial 1 mile is quite easy and a nature walk rather than climb. The gradient becomes more after that. Perfect for warmup. The summit seems really far when you are 60 percent done, but keep at it. It's not as far as it seems.

We started the hike at 10am, reached summit at 1, enjoyed scenes for 30 mins and reached back at 330.

Dublin lake near the trailhead is marked private property, no fishing etc without any clear boundaries so decided not to dip my feet for a pleasant end to the trip. There may be another access point to the lake. Took one star off the rating cos of that.

If you are not sure if you want to travel 2/3 hours to try monadnock, do try the blue hills skyline trail end to end a shot before coming here. Difficulty is same or a bit more.

Next hike, white mountains. :)

19 days ago

This is a nice short hike that seems to rate harder than it actually is. Nice views from the top of this trail that experiences heavy use.

This was a great hike that was accessible to hikers of any level. Above the tree line offered a lot of opportunity for free climbing if you're looking to do a little bouldering as well.