Miller State Park is located on the 2,290-foot summit and flank of Pack Monadnock in Peterborough and is the oldest state park in New Hampshire. A winding 1.3-mile paved road leading to the scenic summit is open for visitors to drive in summer and on spring and fall weekends. Three main hiking trails ascend Pack Monadnock to the summit. The best known is the Wapack Trail, which is a 21-mile footpath that extends from Mt. Watatic in Ashburnham, Massachusetts to North Pack Monadnock in Greenfield. It is believed Native Americans named the area's mountains, and that "pack" means little. On clear days views reach to Mount Washington, the skyscrapers of Boston, and the Vermont hills.

Super fun hike! Great views and a good workout. We did it with our dogs and we all had an awesome time.

This is a challenging hike for the novice. The summit is great and there is a fire tower there.

Excellent hiking trail! Went up Marion Davis and down Wapack Trail. The weather was beautiful and we got some amazing views of Mount Monadnock and could even see Boston. The bathrooms were very clean. The only reason for 4 stars....I don’t like coming off the trail at the summit and walking onto a parking lot. And, I would rate the hike as moderate.

9 days ago

Nice conditioning trail. I like doing the summit trail up, cliff trail down. Be wary of the VERY tall trail marker, it does lead you off trail and you'll have to backtrack to get back on it.

10 days ago

This was longer than I thought it would be. Alltrails shows it's 9.1 miles, but my Garmin watch showed that I traveled 10.9 miles, and the official park map shows it should be 10.4 miles. For a beginner hiker like me, this was pretty challenging in both length and elevation gain. I didn't encounter too many people on the trail, which was nice. I wish there had been more views though.

Overall great trail, however the top is a disappointment due to cars being able to drive up. I took the blue up and the yellow down, I would reverse it next time. The yellow was pretty rocky near the bottom, and I would rather climb up that in the beginning, than down at the end. The also yellow had a couple nice overlooks to stop and get a view. Bring cash to park.

Rating should be changed to moderate

Awesome hike! It’s Memorial Day, cool, cloudy, and still wet from the rain last night...I’m not sure how that affected the traffic but it was a perfect crowd. We didn’t feel alone but it wasn’t so packed that you have to hug a tree to let people pass every few minutes. My 10 year old daughter and I found the hike up Wapack too easy so we took the loop trail around the summit before heading down. It was our first time hiking on wet rocks but there was enough soil on the Marion Davis trail down that we didn’t get into trouble. I would not want to do that on Monadonock!

Only reason for a 4...didn’t love the parking lot at the top.

Views at the top were awesome even though it was a bit hazy. This was the first time I had done this hike. Went up the blue trail and came down the yellow trail. Don’t think I would do it in reverse. Yellow trail involves a lot of climbing near the bottom before it eases up a bit. Make sure you have good shoes. Only issue were the bugs. They were out with a vengeance.

Beautiful day to see these views! My only complaint was the bugs were out with a vengeance. Took the yellow trail up and blue back. The way up involved a lot more climbing. Wear good shoes.

For an inexperienced hiker its a pretty nice hike, but if your experienced this hike is a breeze and you can do it fairly quickly. If your able to hike this on a day with little to no clouds you can actually see Boston, Massachusetts from the top of the fire tower.

The trail starts off by steeply ascending a rocky slope with decent views. The grade then moderates, and reaches the summit at about 1.4 miles. From the fire tower, there are great 360 degree views of southwestern New Hampshire, the Green Mountains, and–on a very clear day–the Boston skyline and the White Mountains. The return route steadily descends over rolling terrain before reaching the parking lot.

3 months ago

6 months ago

This was my first time doing a winter hike and the challenges were outstanding. Once we got up to the summit, the views were magnificent. And then the walk down was beautiful. Thank you Jeanne Blauner and Rick.

6 months ago

Description for this trail is accurate. Various areas of large rock scrambles bolder hopping. A few good views. Overall good hike.

6 months ago

6 months ago

This was an excellent hike. Trails well marked and maintained. I started at Miller and went to North Pack, looped around from summit on Cliff Trail (true to name, steep descent), and on return took the alternate trail back, so the only repeated part was the center Wapack section (which is really nice). Great alternative to Mount Monadnock if you're looking for a fun challenging hike with great views. Cool pine forests.

Solid up hill right from the start to the peak of Pack Monadnock. Some craggy sections early on. There were people counting the migration of raptor species of birds which is cool, made for some interesting conversation at the top of the hike. Continued on the Wapack Trail up to the North Pack and back before continuing down the Marion Davis trail. Fun descent can be made quick tip toeing and dancing across rocks. There was some surface coming down so spots where slick. All in all a good fall hike.

7 months ago

Pretty amazing hike. Did it solo

7 months ago

Not as majestic as Mount Monadnock but you get very good views of Mount Monadnock. The Southern end Miller state park can get very crowded. The northern end has plenty of blueberries during the late summer.

Wonderful! Would describe as moderate-to-hard. Lots of rocky sections, sometimes slippery. Next time, I want to bring binoculars to get in on the birding action. I continued on the Wapack Trail to North Pack summit, the spot with the cairn, which took me about 1.5 hours. Wish I had continued onto Cliff Trail but was worried about the woods getting dark.

great hike short but sweet. not too difficult

8 months ago

Great trail, well maintained. Pretty steep in some parts, but great challenge. the views at the top are amazing.

I hiked the summit road in the dark, a bit spooky & arduous with a 20 lb pack full of camera gear. Well worth the hike. See my uploaded shots of the sunrise. Although not on the All Trails list of trails it's a good climb

Wonderful, slightly challenging hike. very friendly staff and beautiful views from the summit. please note that that before 5 pm there is a $4 per person charge but they do take plastic.

9 months ago

Staff at parking lot were great!

A bit disappointed to see cars at the Summit. Great hike after a day of rain. Rocks weren't too slippery and you can hop from rock to rock and that way not destroy the trails. Up Wapack, down Marion Tr.

10 months ago

What a great hike! Some parts are harder than others but all in all super fun :-)

Easy short trail.

Awesome hike, dog friendly is a big plus!

kind of steep, but good on the way up.

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