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Very nice hike. Overall rating of moderate is reasonable, as long as people note the 1000 ft/mile rate of climb for the last 2 miles-- not a great choice for those who are less physically active. I would give five stars but for the fact that scenic vistas are few until you reach the very top. My daughter and I are of moderate fitness and took three hours to reach the top, two hours to descend.

The view at the top is an excellent reward for the effort, a full 360 degree panorama from a well maintained and enclosed watchtower structure, protected from the brisk wind we encountered at the top.

I hope to do this hike again at some point.

Great hike! A little strenuous in places but not too bad, my diet & regular exercise is paying off bigtime here. Definitely not easy for a 48 y/o fat guy, though LOL.

The trail is well marked, as others have said the incline is moderate till about 2 miles up. Looking at the topo map you still have about half your elevation to climb when you reach the ledges, so be prepared. Before too long, though, you'll see the observation tower and within a few minutes you'll be there.

It had rained overnight so the rocks were wet, and the humidity kept them from drying quickly except where they were in direct sun. Vibram-soled shoes should have no problem (mine didn't) but I heard & saw a few people skidding. There's almost always a dry path to either side; when there isn't careful foot placement works. Same as everywhere else, really.

A large puddle in the rocks held hundreds of tadpoles, hopefully the rain keeps up so it doesn't dry out while they're still in there.

The descent took almost as long as the ascent, with almost half the time taken up making it down to the ledge. After that it went pretty smoothly to the trailhead.

I definitely want to snowshoe it this winter! It looks like spikes will be a necessity when you get nearer the summit, where the rocks are too steep for snowshoes.

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Good trail, various terrains, not too technical - only on some small path - steady elevation, which is good.
The view is spectacular which makes it a good ratio effort/view.

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13 days ago

My son and I did this as a Speed Hike, part run part hike. It was a perfect day, no bugs, nice cooling breeze, temps under 65, visibility many many many miles, beautiful clouds above the summits. Spent more time enjoying the tower and summit than it took to run up! Starting after 2pm allowed us to have the summit to ourselves for about 20 min. This is a great hike to do fast or slow. Make sure you pick a clear day as you do not want to miss the stunning 360 degree view from the fire tower.

14 days ago

Great day hiking with our Red Heeler. Started our hike around 11:30 and finished around 3:30, including breaks and stopping at the summit for lunch. This trail is great for dogs, as we saw many on the way up and down-- ours carried her own food and water and was fine at the end of the hike. We saw many people coming up the trail as we were making our descent, so I would advise starting in the morning to avoid crowds. The fire tower at the summit offered great 360 degree views. It is also the height of blueberry season so we stopped to forage for some snacks (the blueberries are delicious, I would definitely recommend). Overall good hike, would recommend for families and doable for beginner hikers.

16 days ago

A long slog to get there but terrific views from the top and the fire tower.

Great 360 degree views with firetower at summit. Short climb with decent elevation gain and trailhead short distance from North Conway center.

This hike was hard for my family, but we made it!!
Needed to stop and break a lot. The majority of this hike is up hill with lots of roots and rocks. Hiking with a 7, 11, &and 62 year old. It took us 7 hours in and out. The views at the top were incredible.

it's a nice trail. well marked, no water features is a minus but open stone faces make up for it. We haven't climbed in years and this was a moderate challenge to get back into the hills
views from fire tower are splendid.