I’d call this easy rather than moderate. Gradual ascent on a well-marked trail. The summit views were obstructed but a .3 mile trek to another vantage point had wide-open views.

4 days ago

All around great trail. Moderately difficult out and back but great vista point half way up and the summit has stunning sprawling views over the lake. Very well marked. There are plenty of options to connect to turtleback mountain if you are looking to pack on more mileage. I opted to explore the brook walk at the end of my hike which had SO many lovely waterfalls and wasn’t very strenuous.

Love this Hike!

10 days ago

One of the best fire tower views in NH. Check out my full write along with directions and things to look for.

Great trail and well maintained. Some pretty steep sections going up but the trail is well maintained with places to step. Beautiful and breathtaking from the top! We did see a black bear and cub about 50 feet from the trail on the way down and 1/2 mile from trailhead. They did run away as advertised.

Great family hike with rewarding views in all directions from the fire tower. picnic table at the summit with views toward the big lake. our almost 5 yr old grandson did the round trip in 3.5 hrs, including a lengthy lunch break at the top and several snack breaks. Trail has become more eroded and rougher underfoot than it used to be, so sturdy sneakers are a good idea.

Waterfalls were awesome welcome to the trail! Views at the top were great. It was pretty steep. Took our time going up and took about 2 hours... coming down was a quick 45 minutes! Great having the dog run around off leash... only saw 3 Groups of people while we were there too!

Fairly moderate trail with some steep inclines. We enjoyed the dense tree growth towards the top. Different hike, but a good work out. Beautiful views of the lakes.

Tried to hike but you cannot find trailhead without first passing “No Trespassing” signs that keep you out.

A pleasant hike. Previous reviews are correct, rocky terrain early on, and great views of the lakes near the summit. Recent rains made the early trail section muddy and buggy, but not enough to be a consideration.

First part of the trail to go up Bald Knob is no longer in use. You can see on the app map that there is no dash. Our original plan was to do a longer loop using the Italian trail and go up the back side of Bald Knob. Luckily I scouted the trail first because I had a hunch due to the trail not being marked of maps. Could barely tell at the brook there had once been a bridge. Seems to have washed out long ago. Crossed anyway and followed the unmarked trail. Took several wrong turns down what were presumably other old trails. Forest floor dense with debris making footing difficult gauge and adding time to travel. I’m sure it’s doable for experienced hikers, but I do not recommend attempting. We would have had to back track several miles late in the day if we hadn’t gone to check the trail first. If you go up the Italian trail you can get a nice hike in and reach two separate peaks.

Great hike. View at the top isn’t the best unless you go up the fire tower due to tree growth blocking view. Hike about 1.5 hours up if you go at a steady pace. We did it with our 7, 9 and 11 year old children who made it up pretty easily.

nice hike right after sunrise. The bugs were kinda crazy till you get to the top. Great pics from the fire tower. warm out but mostly shaded on the decent trail up

Steep! Rocky terrain on red market path - worth the hike to climb the tower

Great hike, moderate elevation gain throughout. Rocky footing I’d say for the middle portion of the hike right before it gets out of tree line. The good views are at the lookout about 1.0-1.5 mile in as well on the open rocks.

We took the path less traveled and went straight up. It was difficult, but very rewarding for pushing on.

This is not a trail any longer as far as the 13.5 mile loop. Update this please. What a let down. Drove 2.5 hours to hike this

Great hike with pretty view at the top

Pretty good hike, no views of the tower or anything else though until you reach the top, but once you get up in the fire tower it’s 360 degrees of amazing views of several mountains and beautiful lake winnipesaukee.

Beautiful views start 3/4 of the way up. Great view of Dan Hole Pond. Recommend you go ALL the way to Big Ball peak where you must descend for 0.2 miles before the final climb to the peak. Lots of moose droppings. Great hike with great friends.

The trail parking for this is unmarked. It is a small area just passed sodom Rd on the left. The navigation I used from this app said it was on the right. logging has made a mess of the area and spurred off several paths... Once you enter walk up the logging road...after 100 ft give or take. The path starts to the right. As you walk it will look like the path goes right. stay on the logging road. You will come to a river on the left. Take a minute an enjoy it. It’s beautiful! There is even a little fire pit made out of rocks and a couple small waterfalls. Keep following the path. It will split and you can either go left (red blaze) or right (green/red blaze$ I went right ( followed the green/red blaze). The terrain is steep. Watch as you go up and follow the blazes. As the path went up, I was watching my footing and as the path veered left, (I missed that I need to go right and ended up having to back track after I started noticing small blue blazes) there is a small path entrance on the right is marked by two cairns, one on each side and from that point the blazes are very noticeable! The view was incredible and I had the place to myself. There is also another fire pit up there and I bet it is an incredible place to watch the sunset... But don't stop there get back on trail and follow the blazes to the actual summit :)

The trail was wet/damp in some spots, but avoidable.

on Mount Roberts Trail

4 months ago

Great hike, pretty consistent elevation gains after the first half mile or so. Forest floor gives way to rocky paths and transitions to rock face until returning to more dense forest floor near the summit. Partial view at the Summit, but better views from several rock outcroppings. the first is Scenic Overlook we dubbed Snack Rock and had excellent views of Lake Winnipesaukee and the mountains on the other side.

Traffic was light, a few couples and two large groups. Lots of dogs. Still ice and snow on the trail near the summit 4/28.

Decided to go hiking today with my boyfriend. There was still a few snow drifts in a couple places which made things a bit tricky. Fairly quiet trail with limited views most of the way up. As intermediate hikers, we found this trail to be manageable but fairly lengthy and fatiguing. Definitely want to make sure you have a backpack with water and lunch or snacks. The views from the fire tower are fantastic, though be careful if it is windy because it is certainly magnified at the top. Overall, the hike was pleasant.

6 months ago

Well Marked Trail, Took Red Trail up & down there are views that peek out to you as you wind up this beautiful trail. Fire Tower at the top offers great views with a map of each range north south east & west. Used micro-spikes for traction.

6 months ago

Completed this hike on Sunday morning. It was great. True mileage to actual summit is 5.2. I wore snow shoes (first time) and really enjoyed. The level of difficulty was perfect for my first snow snow shoe experience. Took us about 4.5 hours. Highly recommend this hike in winter. With no leaves on the trees you get to enjoy great views for most of the decent. There are several southern view points starting about 1 mile into the hike. The final summit is after a walk through A denser pine forest that was no pretty with the snow and its a norther view of the mountains. Overall a great day, pretty views and only a dozen or so other hikers. However, when we got to the parking lot at the end of the hike around 3 there were several people and several "active" dogs getting readyto hike. We were very glad we finished before they joined the trail. For maximum enjoyment go early and off season, you will love it! Happy hiking.

When we went over Memorial Day Weekend, it was warm, humid, hazy, and the bugs were irritating. However on a clearer, cooler, drier day, I think this would be a great hike. The first overlook (and arguably the best one) is about 1.25 up the trail. Much of the trail ascends fairly gradually on a ridge with excellent views of the Lakes Region. The summit has decent views north towards the White Mountains. On a clear, cool day after bug season, this would make a great hike.

Nice hike, just took the main trail (technically an old fire road) out and back. It’s pretty much the same the entire way, never steep, just moderate and steady, the grade doesn’t really lessen until the end. There’s nothing much to see on the way up, but the views at the top are amazing. A full panorama of the White Mountains, the Lakes Region, and beyond.

Did this hike yesterday, broke trail most of the way until another person passed us. Easy going for first mile or so, then some climbing to ledges with lots of great views. summit views are somewhat limited. I don't find the spruce forest creepy at all!

7 months ago

A great hike. Not very rigorous, which was especially nice in the winter. Wonderful views of the lakes on the way up. The summit was a little anticlimactic after that, but offers a decent view of Washington.

Nice trail for a Winter hike

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